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Work in stock. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream work in stock. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Copper stock 8
Meaning of the dream: afflictions

goods in stock 30
Description: ignore provocations

stock opened 4
Interpretation of the dream: pleasant trip

work in farm 53
Translation: physical exuberance

stock closed 34
Dream description: momentary difficulties

work in gold 49
Meaning: avarice

stock oil 28
Translation of the dream: financial trouble

work bobbin 49
Interpretation: new romantic relationships

work on coral 13
Sense of the dream: nervousness and rancor

work from Shoemaker 45
What does it mean: diseases avoided

work in the vineyards 18
Meaning of the dream: projects to be cultivated

buffer stock 82
Description: next meeting

work in typography 14
Interpretation of the dream: firmness and good will

work clay 20
Translation: gain for workers

raffia work 62
Dream description: consolations by family

see work worker 1
Meaning: reproaches that bear

work without rest 80
Translation of the dream: decrease of vitality

complete work 55
Interpretation: concerns depressive

mock work 78
Sense of the dream: presumption

to work 9
What does it mean: need to work hard if you want to win the adversity, great commitment and effort

work in theater 66
Meaning of the dream: watched by women

veterinarian work 62
Description: confidences of a friend

see work 23
Interpretation of the dream: businesses difficult

inconstant work 7
Translation: new responsibilities

Work embassy 22
Dream description: happy obstacle and aberrations youth

work box 15
Meaning: crisis in the family

regular work 14
Translation of the dream: small opposition

inclination to work 33
Interpretation: waste of money

work shirts 78
Sense of the dream: need for courage

see work bobbin 17
What does it mean: increasing activity

leave the warehouse 65
Meaning of the dream: missed appointment

work notes 7
Description: considered judgments

work by hand 5
Interpretation of the dream: They believe a responsible person

wool work it 18
Translation: nice meeting

work willingly 24
Dream description: happy solutions

work reluctantly 17
Meaning: errors of assessment

work and earn 26
Translation of the dream: happy future, profit

Work in progress 9
Interpretation: ambitious desires

working with clay 19
Sense of the dream: envy masked

boring work 51
What does it mean: expect a big change

nice work 75
Meaning of the dream: maturity and optimism

plasterboard work 70
Description: need to be alone

tireless work 66
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen expenses

see work bricklayers 62
Translation: optimal health

intellectual work 57
Dream description: useless projects

immersed in the work 26
Meaning: harassment

work with difficulty 61
Translation of the dream: ambition fulfilled

work with marble 67
Interpretation: willingness of mind

accurate work 33
Sense of the dream: Threads

desire to work 20
What does it mean: They will soon be good news in the business aspect

written work 19
Meaning of the dream: negotiations uncertain

detest work 56
Description: poor physical endurance

shorten work 1
Interpretation of the dream: mishaps

work on your own 33
Translation: you have a lot of imagination and intelligence