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Wooden obelisk. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wooden obelisk. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

obelisk downed 16
Meaning of the dream: unforeseen expenses

Egyptian obelisk 3
Description: pleasant trip

obelisk with hieroglyphs 5
Interpretation of the dream: difficult relationships

obelisk 76
Translation: versatility in studies

an obelisk alabaster 65
Dream description: versatility in studies

stone obelisk 52
Meaning: desire for novelty

marble obelisk 19
Translation of the dream: maturation of projects

wooden floor 77
Interpretation: sympathy reciprocated

wooden heels 59
Sense of the dream: intrigues of love

wooden pulpit 65
What does it mean: comfortable lifestyle

wooden pallet 24
Meaning of the dream: you earn your bread with great effort

wooden container 24
Description: economic improvement

wooden matches 6
Interpretation of the dream: impulsive instincts

wooden hammer 55
Translation: sensitive and touchy

wooden ladle 20
Dream description: friendships are strengthened

wooden pulley 77
Meaning: strained relations

wooden circle 17
Translation of the dream: protection and aid

wooden tabernacle 76
Interpretation: Safety and health

wooden urn 20
Sense of the dream: prosperity and well-being

wooden donut 86
What does it mean: good achievements

wooden sofa 16
Meaning of the dream: pessimism and mistrust

wooden tray 68
Description: unrealizable ambitions

wooden slate 21
Interpretation of the dream: you have remorse with the past

Wooden row 1
Translation: good business

wooden cradle 79
Dream description: Excessive fantasy

wooden pole 26
Meaning: sad events

wooden club 60
Translation of the dream: marital separation

file wooden 6
Interpretation: remarkable progress

wooden steps 28
Sense of the dream: embarrassment of choice

wooden lattice 15
What does it mean: new commitments

wooden partition 17
Meaning of the dream: emotional spirit

wooden candlestick 42
Description: challenging decisions

wooden coffer 5
Interpretation of the dream: anxiety unjustified

wooden goblet 2
Translation: good friendship

wooden fork 68
Dream description: charm and benevolence

wooden splint 15
Meaning: excessive scruples

wooden keg 38
Translation of the dream: talk to neighbors

laid wooden 86
Interpretation: next difficulty

wooden pedestal 62
Sense of the dream: good advice of a friend

wooden clock 90
What does it mean: bitterness and sorrow

wooden snowman 63
Meaning of the dream: stormy days

wooden chair 64
Description: important negotiations

wooden balustrade 19
Interpretation of the dream: economic well-being

wooden puppet 16
Translation: cheerfulness justified

wooden gate 83
Dream description: projects pleasant

wooden chest 25
Meaning: painful renunciation

wooden cross 31
Translation of the dream: events surprise

wooden bridge 24
Interpretation: lack of willpower

wooden rosary 3
Sense of the dream: intimate feelings hidden

have wooden legs 55
What does it mean: change of position

wooden idol 6
Meaning of the dream: You will overcome conflict

wooden spoon 28
Description: dalliances

march with wooden legs 11
Interpretation of the dream: change of state

wooden shelf 71
Translation: chance of success

wooden lid 20
Dream description: solid results

wooden shoes 72
Meaning: you are afraid of someone