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Wolves eating shoe. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wolves eating shoe. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wolves 14
Meaning of the dream: the number indicates that it will see that the years of suffering that pass again

Wolf Pack 60
Description: dangerous business

shoe patched 87
Interpretation of the dream: great fortune

mending a shoe 87
Translation: great fortune

Boys Eating 67
Dream description: magnanimous feelings

strap shoe 28
Meaning: victory over enemies

break shoe 44
Translation of the dream: exaggerated pride

heel of the shoe 3
Interpretation: quarrel

shoe buckle 5
Sense of the dream: teen Spirit

priests who eat 30
What does it mean: concerns

base shoe 4
Meaning of the dream: magnification of fortune

masons who eat 45
Description: challenging decisions

Children who eat 65
Interpretation of the dream: waiting impatiently

eating cats 24
Translation: divorce

Travelers who eat 2
Dream description: mishaps negligible

Nail shoe 8
Meaning: bewilderment

eat almonds 40
Translation of the dream: unfulfilled desire

eat tripe 20
Interpretation: gains and success

eating noodles 90
Sense of the dream: happy hours

eating pig 58
What does it mean: difficult situations

eating biscuits 39
Meaning of the dream: deserved award

eat turkey 56
Description: vivid imagination

eating human flesh 45
Interpretation of the dream: great wealth unjustly acquired

eating pomegranate 87
Translation: sex appeal

eating leaves 59
Dream description: complaints or disease

eating candied 65
Meaning: original ideas

mule shoe 9
Translation of the dream: suction disappointed

eating lemon 46
Interpretation: labors useless

eating plums 46
Sense of the dream: Suffering for jealousy

eating vinegary 29
What does it mean: poverty or disease

eating ham 56
Meaning of the dream: delay in business

eating sorceress 50
Description: prosperity

eat cot 43
Interpretation of the dream: slight indisposition

eat streaky 25
Translation: end of a concern

eating olives 62
Dream description: advantageous offer to be accepted

eat apricots 33
Meaning: deception by women

eat berries 38
Translation of the dream: slip interior

eat artichokes 80
Interpretation: demanding decisions

eat chestnuts 60
Sense of the dream: economic benefits

eat watermelon 6
What does it mean: hopes fade

eat mushrooms 27
Meaning of the dream: exaggerated pride

eat shrimp 38
Description: passion short

eat peppers 27
Interpretation of the dream: hassles of short duration

eat peaches 21
Translation: new sympathies

eat radishes 16
Dream description: diligence in work

eat clams 57
Meaning: improvement of position

eat eels 68
Translation of the dream: you will be offended

eating toast 41
Interpretation: aid from relatives

eating caviar 71
Sense of the dream: consequences of errors

eat boiled 15
What does it mean: happiness satisfied

eat dragees 75
Meaning of the dream: dissatisfaction and pain

eat mussel 75
Description: want to meet

eat little 73
Interpretation of the dream: novelty coming

eating cucumber 69
Translation: serenity and confidence

eat preserves 19
Dream description: unprofitable business

eat meatballs 36
Meaning: economic improvement

eat goose 88
Translation of the dream: risk of skidding

eat zucchini 69
Interpretation: tough character stingy closed

eat flea 38
Sense of the dream: You encounter many obstacles

eating ducks 28
What does it mean: encounter serious financial difficulties