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Wolf roasted. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wolf roasted. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

roasted lark 80
Meaning of the dream: tranquility

roasted in the oven 69
Description: punished pride

roasted coffee 46
Interpretation of the dream: gratitude demonstrated

roasted chestnuts 31
Translation: satisfactions and gains

roasted barley 46
Dream description: Security and order

roasted fish 35
Meaning: easy but dangerous adventure

roasted quail 20
Translation of the dream: torments and remorse

roasted turkey 27
Interpretation: difficult situation

roasted lamb 22
Sense of the dream: bad omen

roasted beans 66
What does it mean: expenses advantageous

liver roasted 44
Meaning of the dream: good mood

roasted rooster 16
Description: you will have the worse in a feud

roasted shrimp 77
Interpretation of the dream: amorous passion

grill with roasted 81
Translation: praiseworthy quality

roasted goose 45
Dream description: You will soon be able to get out of a deadlock

roasted herring 2
Meaning: difficulty annoying

roasted poultry 7
Translation of the dream: desire to escape

roasted thigh 46
Interpretation: confusing situation

Skylark roasted 19
Sense of the dream: Tangible evidence of friendship

wolf 21
What does it mean: trade with a stingy man, cruel, faithless

Wolf Pack 60
Meaning of the dream: dangerous business

wolf with prey 56
Description: infidelity of a loved one

wolf flees 13
Interpretation of the dream: probable recovery of money

wounded wolf 77
Translation: alternative choice

Wolf died 12
Dream description: victory over enemies

get injured by a wolf 1
Meaning: perfidious enemies

being bitten by a wolf 2
Translation of the dream: harm and loss from this

win a wolf 18
Interpretation: complete triumph on the same

bite of the wolf 44
Sense of the dream: dangerous business

barked the wolf 30
What does it mean: period of instability

track Wolf 52
Meaning of the dream: health concerns

cry wolf 71
Description: issues and concerns

domesticated wolf 1
Interpretation of the dream: enthusiasms and projects

wolf captured 66
Translation: tendency to exaggeration

wolf suckling 5
Dream description: New appointments

wolf in love 73
Meaning: dangerous business

wolf dead 57
Translation of the dream: negative attitudes

wolf in a cage 68
Interpretation: embarrassment of choice

tusk wolf 37
Sense of the dream: thwarted love

wolf with pups 90
What does it mean: obstinacy and stubbornness

wolf skin 48
Meaning of the dream: position compromised

wolf alone that worries or is frightening 15
Description: attention to car crashes

wolf suckling her young 54
Interpretation of the dream: Luckily the game

Wolf have the head of this animal 60
Translation: power and honor

shepherd assaulted by a wolf 41
Dream description: minor glitches

roast 19
Meaning: hope

roast beef 13
Translation of the dream: change of life