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Winning extraction. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream winning extraction. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

enrich for winning 23
Meaning of the dream: love declaration

winning the game 29
Description: loss of friends

winning a contest 74
Interpretation of the dream: next trip

winning the lottery 61
Translation: waste of money

winning racehorse 75
Dream description: pain and bitterness

happy for winning 6
Meaning: uncontrolled shaking

armed winning 37
Translation of the dream: lightness in speech

award-winning singer 10
Interpretation: new work program

make proud for winning 76
Sense of the dream: nerves to control

extraction 88
What does it mean: good business

extraction of the lot 69
Meaning of the dream: good business

extraction of numbers 85
Description: momentary afflictions

extraction Raffle 10
Interpretation of the dream: small fortune

extraction of bari 8
Translation: impediments by young

charity extraction 5
Dream description: pride and pride

dowry extraction 72
Meaning: economic rewards

FLORENCE extraction 82
Translation of the dream: passion

genoa extraction 49
Interpretation: women gossip

milan extraction 64
Sense of the dream: selfishness and cunning

extraction of naples 86
What does it mean: good wishes

extraction of palermo 3
Meaning of the dream: happiness

rome extraction 61
Description: realization pleased

extraction of turin 84
Interpretation of the dream: Loving deception

extraction of Venice 68
Translation: faltering health

Christmas extraction 90
Dream description: excessive fatigue

Paschal extraction 78
Meaning: momentary enthusiasm

suspended extraction 65
Translation of the dream: quarrels and gossip

extract lottery 80
Interpretation: Do not trust too much the case

extract from the lot 7
Sense of the dream: good sense

extract from the earth turnips 15
What does it mean: foresight

radish extract from the earth 15
Meaning of the dream: foresight

extract resin 16
Description: intimate satisfactions

extract numbers from an urn 87
Interpretation of the dream: contrasts to overcome

molar which is extracted 5
Translation: you're going through an oppressive period