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Wings chicken thighs. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wings chicken thighs. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

chicken thighs 72
Meaning of the dream: dangerous hazards

chicken wings 87
Description: cheerfulness

thighs 41
Interpretation of the dream: prosperity

wings 76
Translation: deception female

have wings 15
Dream description: bad period

thighs woman 27
Meaning: explaining to do

thighs child 42
Translation of the dream: change activity

turkey thighs 33
Interpretation: lack of reflection

long thighs 54
Sense of the dream: gossip of friends

lean thighs 43
What does it mean: intolerance and constraints

fat thighs 2
Meaning of the dream: generosity and altruism

have very thick thighs 70
Description: luck and honors

wings of pigeon 16
Interpretation of the dream: treachery

eagle wings 61
Translation: danger foiled

wings goose 9
Dream description: jewels

wings hat 17
Meaning: heartbreak

airplane wings 12
Translation of the dream: novelty

Angel Wings 16
Interpretation: change of luck

wings army 47
Sense of the dream: litigation

have wings and fly 66
What does it mean: luck

ants with wings 50
Meaning of the dream: negligence in work

cupid with wings 69
Description: unpleasant news

the woman's thighs or hips 28
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction of his desires

the thighs or the beautiful hips 45
Translation: fortune in old age

see thighs or broken hips 78
Dream description: death abroad

the long and thick thighs 54
Meaning: infirmity, loss

thighs or even more large ordinary 2
Translation of the dream: happiness that procure his subjects

bird wings in flight 24
Interpretation: deception female

wings of a bird shot down 41
Sense of the dream: broken promise

hell with spread wings 12
What does it mean: despair

broken or wounded thighs or hips 37
Meaning of the dream: die far from his relatives

chicken 68
Description: bond passenger

old chicken 88
Interpretation of the dream: need to actively influence the way situations

catch a chicken 26
Translation: losses

boiled chicken 25
Dream description: clear mind

chicken broth 28
Meaning: bitter disappointment

chicken liver 14
Translation of the dream: unreasonable obstinacy

fry chicken 5
Interpretation: unreasonable obstinacy

plucked chicken 20
Sense of the dream: rancor and discord

dead chicken 81
What does it mean: distress of short duration

cooked chicken 5
Meaning of the dream: disappointment and sadness

gelatin chicken 62
Description: some complications

chicken pen 34
Interpretation of the dream: mistrust and pessimism

chicken breast 5
Translation: lull

chicken in the henhouse 83
Dream description: great success

Chicken in a cage 55
Meaning: dissensions at home

chicken market 14
Translation of the dream: friendly meetings

Chicken in the countryside 21
Interpretation: serenity and balance

chicken dead 69
Sense of the dream: unexpected obstacle

roast chicken 1
What does it mean: advantageous deals