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Wine box. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wine box. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

silver box 5
Meaning of the dream: uncertain business

portion wine 27
Description: misunderstanding and quarrels

ivory box 35
Interpretation of the dream: winning the game

reject wine 13
Translation: report harmful

goodness of wine 86
Dream description: a situation initially happy you give sorrows

background wine 18
Meaning: mortification unjust

mixing wine 30
Translation of the dream: delicate situation to be resolved

spilling wine 67
Interpretation: Deception submitted

splash wine 61
Sense of the dream: courage and physical strength

fall in wine 52
What does it mean: changes of opinion

mouthful of wine 18
Meaning of the dream: very specific ideas

smell of wine 31
Description: fleeting euphoria

jar with wine 47
Interpretation of the dream: events pleased

plenty of wine 88
Translation: slander

flask of wine 21
Dream description: new achievements

fill of wine 6
Meaning: exuberance and friendliness

shortage of wine 69
Translation of the dream: awkward encounter

drop of wine 70
Interpretation: try not to miss important opportunities

carboy of wine 16
Sense of the dream: personal affirmation

gallon of wine 64
What does it mean: false news

old wine 50
Meaning of the dream: efforts of will to be done

ration of wine 14
Description: enthusiasm fatuous

muddy wine 85
Interpretation of the dream: sentimental joy

seasoned wine 73
Translation: too impulsive actions

fourth wine 8
Dream description: lack of sincerity

boil wine 75
Meaning: joys family

mulled wine 33
Translation of the dream: melancholy and malaise

overflowing wine 6
Interpretation: irrepressible cheerfulness

abhor wine 14
Sense of the dream: cheerfulness

Wine stink 12
What does it mean: joy short-lived

decant wine 24
Meaning of the dream: general improvement

embark wine 18
Description: unscrupulous attitudes

strain wine 4
Interpretation of the dream: concerns falling

distribute wine 7
Translation: economic well-being

box with jewelry 4
Dream description: votes fulfilled

frothing wine 9
Meaning: new energy

refreshing wine 48
Translation of the dream: inconstancy in bonds

holy wine 60
Interpretation: voltage state

box with linen 35
Sense of the dream: enforcer

filtered wine 26
What does it mean: program feasible

matchmaker wine 21
Meaning of the dream: fighting spirit

cloudy wine 80
Description: physical

vomit wine 71
Interpretation of the dream: successfully delayed

pour wine 30
Translation: sudden sorrow

box with flour 24
Dream description: prosperity and gains

tap wine 4
Meaning: your selfishness will damage

wineskin with wine 47
Translation of the dream: recalling joyous

box of pads 18
Interpretation: selfish concerns

famine wine 50
Sense of the dream: enemy unmasked

consecrate the wine 76
What does it mean: aspiration to command

bread in wine 64
Meaning of the dream: disappointments

transporting wine 55
Description: embarrassment of choice

stock up on wine 13
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels with women

wine in the barrel 3
Translation: increasing business

wine in the glass 16
Dream description: Understanding family

barolo (wine) 11
Meaning: friendship

malaga wine 40
Translation of the dream: good news soon