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Wind in house. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wind in house. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

blowing wind 8
Meaning of the dream: physical fatigue

howling wind 15
Description: waste of money

wind to be under 57
Interpretation of the dream: considerable internal enrichment

flashlight wind 80
Translation: emotional memories

smallpox in house 39
Dream description: damage and losses

contrary wind 37
Meaning: family trouble

mice in the house 4
Translation of the dream: family troubles

mold in the house 59
Interpretation: problems remain

whistling wind 87
Sense of the dream: great intellectual activity

lizard in the house 4
What does it mean: bad speculations

toad in the house 34
Meaning of the dream: momentary whims

inhabitant in the house 27
Description: proof of love

cyclone wind 12
Interpretation of the dream: broken promises

Ants in the house 45
Translation: discussions and problems

wind with dust 4
Dream description: you have too much trust in the unreliable people

Old man in the house 80
Meaning: window of opportunity

wind storm 10
Translation of the dream: welfare loss

wind 80
Interpretation: impending disaster, even of a pollution, as earthquake or other

Thief in house 6
Sense of the dream: nervousness and discomfort

mouse in the house 88
What does it mean: your fortune threatened

scorpion in the house 11
Meaning of the dream: enemies lurking

enter the house 53
Description: return of loved one

banquet in the house 8
Interpretation of the dream: seductive promises

fresh wind 45
Translation: availability of money

clean the house 89
Dream description: happiness and joy

Eve in a house 86
Meaning: distrust justified

branch knocked down by the wind 16
Translation of the dream: difficult issues

farewell to the house 18
Interpretation: fleeting passions

hot wind 80
Sense of the dream: interrupted negotiations

revel in home 59
What does it mean: joy in the family

sparse exposed to the wind 48
Meaning of the dream: Unusual proposals

sail against the wind 26
Description: You will face all the difficulties

wind noise 64
Interpretation of the dream: commitments and travel

go against the wind 13
Translation: small daily difficulties

house deed 19
Dream description: They are realizing your projects

house of pain 90
Meaning: doubts tormenting

search a house 8
Translation of the dream: repressed desires

bullet that enters the house 64
Interpretation: when you realize you will be in danger too late

sweep the house 87
Sense of the dream: business that are successful

bless the house 69
What does it mean: arrival of relatives

furnish a house 22
Meaning of the dream: problems and misunderstandings

rowing against the wind 50
Description: restlessness and discontent

small house 11
Interpretation of the dream: new initiatives

house in order 65
Translation: joys family

recognize a house 13
Dream description: harmony in the family

grow old in their own home 17
Meaning: problems in the family

mare entering the house 42
Translation of the dream: marries rich, young and beautiful

decorate the house 36
Interpretation: unannounced visits

leave the house 10
Sense of the dream: benefits

new house 3
What does it mean: invitations pleasant

old house 27
Meaning of the dream: loss of friends