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White hens dancing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream white hens dancing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cackle of hens 22
Meaning of the dream: chatter

harlequins dancing 6
Description: unwelcome complications

struck out hens 40
Interpretation of the dream: little social life

white doors 36
Translation: excellent job prospects

white feathers 60
Dream description: good friendships

white goats 2
Meaning: prosperity

white patches 8
Translation of the dream: arrival of relatives

see hens with chicks 5
Interpretation: loss and damage

white roses 3
Sense of the dream: good decision

white truffles 88
What does it mean: encouragement flattering

dancing naked 40
Meaning of the dream: Negative thoughts

peel hens 20
Description: difficulties of adaptation

Emperor dancing 28
Interpretation of the dream: disease

Abbot dancing 63
Translation: Good news

wetting dancing 21
Dream description: attention to an insincere person who plot deception and fraud

see hens lay eggs 88
Meaning: peace and contentment

shepherdess dancing 42
Translation of the dream: experience a sense of vulnerability

woman dancing 64
Interpretation: secret ambitions

country dancing 71
Sense of the dream: opposition at home

white nails 46
What does it mean: good health

white socks 11
Meaning of the dream: diplomacy with superiors

white doves 7
Description: fortune

eunuch dancing 89
Interpretation of the dream: uncertain journey

white sandals 5
Translation: ability to adapt

White clouds 5
Dream description: serenity

molting hens 63
Meaning: ambition fulfilled

dancing outdoors 69
Translation of the dream: illusory hopes

basket with hens 74
Interpretation: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

rooster with hens 16
Sense of the dream: easy projects

dancing at a party 2
What does it mean: profitable activities

white whiskers 38
Meaning of the dream: you do not comply

boy dancing 37
Description: problems to be addressed

dancing the smooth 48
Interpretation of the dream: It will have uncertainty in action, with little profit

white eyebrows 20
Translation: health hazard

white goats or very clear 51
Dream description: I earn

Blind dancing 77
Meaning: humiliation and shame

dancing at home 80
Translation of the dream: dangerous pitfalls

dancing quadrille 2
Interpretation: physical and material

dancing in the countryside 60
Sense of the dream: false hopes

dancing boys 88
What does it mean: serious concerns

white flowers 30
Meaning of the dream: overcome difficulties

white tulips 44
Description: small difficulty

white sheep 62
Interpretation of the dream: intense friendships

Bear dancing 6
Translation: danger of hostilities

Moorish dancing 5
Dream description: prosperity and well-being

dancing doll 76
Meaning: constructive energy

dancing gracefully 31
Translation of the dream: missteps enemies

peasant dancing 35
Interpretation: difficulty materials

Neapolitan dancing 56
Sense of the dream: rough emotional situation

white eyelashes 52
What does it mean: security and sobriety

buy white grapes 32
Meaning of the dream: minor accident

white shoes 6
Description: exciting novelty

white teeth 1
Interpretation of the dream: lucky fate