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White hearse empty. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream white hearse empty. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

hearse 90
Meaning of the dream: sequence of events

catafalque empty 7
Description: threads unnerving

white bathrobe 17
Interpretation of the dream: sorrows of love

herd white 27
Translation: death of a relative

White 10
Dream description: purity, sensitivity of mind

drum empty 55
Meaning: adverse fortune

empty vessel 11
Translation of the dream: love affair

white scarf 6
Interpretation: challenging decision

white dog 23
Sense of the dream: promising start

aviary empty 38
What does it mean: unhappy union

hovel empty 21
Meaning of the dream: fortune and gain

white wire 77
Description: gossip and slander

white marble 71
Interpretation of the dream: Fortunately economically

white ceiling 12
Translation: love affairs

tub empty 46
Dream description: tormenting indecision

white handkerchief 17
Meaning: thwarted love

leather white 1
Translation of the dream: bitter experience

white coffin 42
Interpretation: healthcare long

white attire 11
Sense of the dream: circumstances of fortune

white cloth 53
What does it mean: Negative thoughts

pigsty empty 71
Meaning of the dream: You are unscrupulous and you'll have some disappointments

empty prison 40
Description: Late repentance

white horsedrawn carriage 65
Interpretation of the dream: you ll ruin with your own hands

empty carriage or cart 13
Translation: preconceptions to overcome

cruet empty 20
Dream description: contrasts in the house

White vinegar 13
Meaning: decay

white notebook 24
Translation of the dream: unpleasant criticism

vat empty 79
Interpretation: physical fatigue

white die 78
Sense of the dream: Useful relations

white nougat 37
What does it mean: careful selection

watermelon white 13
Meaning of the dream: need of rest

boiler empty 82
Description: fallacious illusions

White Ox 17
Interpretation of the dream: right introspection

white turban 64
Translation: serenity and joy

empty cradle 80
Dream description: Health unstable

galloping white horse 11
Meaning: everything will be good for your business

public house empty 10
Translation of the dream: Secret Revealed

white frame 77
Interpretation: secret aspirations

empty case 76
Sense of the dream: false dreams

white wall 30
What does it mean: sudden changes

see the white rat 47
Meaning of the dream: ruin your enemy

empty train 37
Description: relations in danger

empty bucket 52
Interpretation of the dream: misery in the family

empty crop 29
Translation: economic difficulties

empty shop 43
Dream description: reconciliation in sight

empty elevator 84
Meaning: strenuous events

brazier empty 6
Translation of the dream: restlessness

inkwell empty 2
Interpretation: irritation exaggerated

barn empty 86
Sense of the dream: serious concerns

hive empty 68
What does it mean: serenity conquered

white dress 20
Meaning of the dream: joys and desires

white coat 42
Description: discontent and boredom

confessional empty 50
Interpretation of the dream: lack of objectivity

empty bag 54
Translation: professional achievement

empty piggy bank 17
Dream description: work activities

white fairy 28
Meaning: Good luck in the hunt