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White floor clean. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream white floor clean. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

clean the floor 15
Meaning of the dream: situation calm

floor 57
Description: poverty and sadness

adapt a floor 2
Interpretation of the dream: loss of security

floor wax 81
Translation: precipitate action

damaging a floor 1
Dream description: small annoyances

stain on the floor 28
Meaning: envious chatter

wooden floor 77
Translation of the dream: sympathy reciprocated

brick floor 66
Interpretation: character influenced

uneven floor 30
Sense of the dream: return of money

polished floor 9
What does it mean: Pending pleasant

dirty floor 73
Meaning of the dream: recovery of a sum

curl up on the floor 75
Description: nagging problems

cockroaches on the floor 3
Interpretation of the dream: affirmation slow

slip on the floor 85
Translation: nerve irritation

with floor tiles 55
Dream description: events pleasant and nice

floor terrace 80
Meaning: tumultuous relationship

crawl on the floor 53
Translation of the dream: new perspectives

ground floor 8
Interpretation: alternative of joys and sorrows

carpet on the floor 75
Sense of the dream: animosity useless

tiles on the floor 62
What does it mean: need for caution

drunk on the floor 47
Meaning of the dream: health hazard

urinating on the floor 16
Description: trouble from friends

paint a floor 33
Interpretation of the dream: arrival of a loved one

sheet on the floor 44

concrete floor 23

marble floor 90

dance floor 67

apartment on the ground floor 3
Interpretation: business go wrong

to clean 16
Sense of the dream: embarrassment and altercation

clean up 13
What does it mean: momentary conquest

clean sink 16
Meaning of the dream: embarrassments

clean environment 81
Description: exaggerations

clean towel 4
Interpretation of the dream: deceit uncovered

bayonet clean 30
Translation: Late repentance

baby clean 46
Dream description: trepidation for a child

clean linen 26
Meaning: requited love

clean glass 18
Translation of the dream: attitudes safe

see a clean bandage 7
Interpretation: business good and clear

clean shirt 63
Sense of the dream: break with relatives

kennel clean 3
What does it mean: strong protections

undershirt clean 38
Meaning of the dream: digression loving

see clean the chimney 24
Description: joys coming

clean the chimney 37
Interpretation of the dream: need for adaptation

clean the tank 83
Translation: New appointments

clean the cesspool 75
Dream description: weak character

collar clean 62
Meaning: serenity of mind

clean blanket 38
Translation of the dream: indolence and laziness

crystal clean 68
Interpretation: be hazy

clean fingers 69
Sense of the dream: recovery of health

clean hands 67
What does it mean: conclusion of a deal

batting clean 9
Meaning of the dream: solutions difficult

clean ashtray 81
Description: sudden decision

clean vegetables 75
Interpretation of the dream: talk in the family

clean clothes 51
Translation: excessive generosity

clean the house 89
Dream description: happiness and joy

clean the bathroom 36
Meaning: clarity of ideas

clean the kitchen 7
Translation of the dream: optimism and health

clean furniture 66
Interpretation: great activities

clean windows 65
Sense of the dream: new resolutions

clean the bedroom 61
What does it mean: letter unwelcome

clean glasses 70
Meaning of the dream: discovery of intrigue

clean metals 16
Description: small satisfactions

clean the mouth 53
Interpretation of the dream: requited love

clean the eyes 63
Translation: happy intuition

clean the nose 4
Dream description: important protection

clean teeth 70
Meaning: good new home

clean your hands 40
Translation of the dream: happiness in family

clean or have more than two ears 17
Interpretation: friends and faithful servants

clean the windshield 38
Sense of the dream: encounters with a woman

clean the shaver 11
What does it mean: serious intentions