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White dress stolen. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream white dress stolen. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

stolen dress 16

white dress 20
Description: joys and desires

wedding dress or bridal dress 80
Interpretation of the dream: flattery

stolen 28

luggage stolen 75
Dream description: hard work rewarded

Stolen Child 50
Meaning: waste of money

trunk stolen 72
Translation of the dream: excessive imprudence

brilliant Stolen 7
Interpretation: need for waivers

stolen property 49
Sense of the dream: you are too credulous

stolen them effects 61
What does it mean: safety, success, especially if you are caught in the act

stolen goods 70
Meaning of the dream: unpleasant experience

casket stolen 21
Description: hindrances and obstacles difficult

agenda stolen 71

stolen bicycle 6

hat stolen 30

stolen key 17

buckle stolen 60

rifle stolen 31

stolen sheep 79

stolen watch 58

wallet stolen 25

tapestry stolen 67

archive stolen 37

stolen weapons 43

stolen dog 41

capon stolen 53

sunroof stolen 19

coat stolen 71

pen stolen 52

hide stolen goods 76
What does it mean: bitterness and strife

precious effects stolen 11
Meaning of the dream: misery and bad managed

recover the stolen goods 7
Description: disordered thoughts

buy the stolen goods 18
Interpretation of the dream: unwillingness

find the stolen goods 74
Translation: good harmony in the family

expose the stolen goods 86
Dream description: waste of energy

return the stolen goods 60
Meaning: satisfaction and recognition

return stolen items 60
Translation of the dream: period of no confidence

recognize a stolen object 43
Interpretation: likely shift

recover stolen goods 72
Sense of the dream: original ideas

bury stolen goods 27
What does it mean: discontent and discouragement

peddling stolen goods 6
Meaning of the dream: oppositions in business

share stolen goods 37
Description: friction to chamfer

nuptial ring stolen 50

dress 14
Translation: you underestimate

take off the dress 47
Dream description: good luck

try a dress 20
Meaning: shyness and discretion

new dress 29
Translation of the dream: concerns about the money

dress off 84
Interpretation: good health

get the dress 18
Sense of the dream: unexpected solution

take off her dress 9
What does it mean: Discussions with family

dress with neglect 89
Meaning of the dream: enmity won

dress up as a bride 61
Description: displeasure

dress costumes 55
Interpretation of the dream: falsehood

buttoning the dress 18
Translation: imprudence

dress or suit 35
Dream description: protection, safety

colorful dress 60
Meaning: realizations

black dress 73
Translation of the dream: sorrows

red dress 48
Interpretation: security

dress child 3
Sense of the dream: impromptu

dress as a priest 22
What does it mean: suspects

dress nun 89
Meaning of the dream: bad innuendo

mourning dress 73
Description: unjust accusations

carnival dress 8
Interpretation of the dream: falsehood

dress hunter 1
Translation: New appointments

Military dress 72
Dream description: talk in the family

gorgeous dress 80
Meaning: bullying suffered

ragged dress 17
Translation of the dream: bad reputation

sew a dress 31
Interpretation: suspects

change the dress 61
Sense of the dream: culmination of dreams

sell dress 85
What does it mean: intolerance

give a dress 4
Meaning of the dream: clarity of ideas

throw a dress 44
Description: danger

rent a dress 1
Interpretation of the dream: protection granted

adjust a dress 73
Translation: discovery of enmity

lace dress 18
Dream description: imprudence

enlarge a dress 38
Meaning: realism in speech

hang a dress 66
Translation of the dream: disappointment

baby dress 13
Interpretation: Late repentance

blue dress 51
Sense of the dream: nearby a woman

baste a dress 85
What does it mean: hostility harmful

wear a dress 11
Meaning of the dream: good intentions

muddy dress 28
Description: slander and gossip

dress designer 66
Interpretation of the dream: good news