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Wet waste. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wet waste. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

waste 19
Meaning of the dream: unnecessary fears

cart with waste 1
Description: economic prosperity

bag of waste 71
Interpretation of the dream: unexpected events

collect waste 8
Translation: lucrative contracts

lay waste 84
Dream description: challenges to overcome

burning waste 79
Meaning: quick fix

remove waste 19
Translation of the dream: excellent chance

Construction waste transport 81
Interpretation: support to be given to an elderly

Construction waste in bags 34
Sense of the dream: ill health

see or buy waste (cuttings) 5
What does it mean: much misunderstanding

have or be wet 26
Meaning of the dream: anger

someone has wet 18
Description: a relative will help you

get wet 76
Interpretation of the dream: reconciliation with an enemy

flat wet 13
Translation: important news

feeling wet 54
Dream description: hope ill-founded

wet room 19
Meaning: injustice punished

wet hat 75
Translation of the dream: fight to avoid

wet coal 72
Interpretation: critical moments

wet cement 3
Sense of the dream: Safety in love

wet hay 61
What does it mean: deceptions hidden

wet rope 47
Meaning of the dream: mobility reports

wet with dew 18
Description: facilities and improvements

threshold wet 82
Interpretation of the dream: uncompromising stance

wet weather 87
Translation: reports to be clarified

wet paint 7
Dream description: prudence in speech

wet suit 10
Meaning: benefits

wet with sweat 78
Translation of the dream: Health problems

wet balm 35
Interpretation: experiences to build on

house wet 66
Sense of the dream: Safety and Decision

wet rag 70
What does it mean: lucky business

wet clothes 15
Meaning of the dream: bright future

wet prison 87
Description: difficulties and humiliation

Cod In Wet 56
Interpretation of the dream: imminent danger

drain wet cloths 82
Translation: new love

wastepaper 14
Dream description: discontent passengers

wasting 54
Meaning: await disappointments

wasting disease 63
Translation of the dream: practical achievements

wasted effort 18
Interpretation: phlegmatic temperament

parched wasteland 4
Sense of the dream: initiatives well executed

wasting assets 34
What does it mean: general improvement

wasting time 17
Meaning of the dream: maturation of ideas

wasting and dissipating 5
Description: you will fall into poverty

wetting drowning 5
Interpretation of the dream: trouble by intrigue

wetting dancing 21
Translation: attention to an insincere person who plot deception and fraud

wetting boat 21
Dream description: end concerns

wetting in the cabin 51
Meaning: fighting spirit

money wasted 84
Translation of the dream: opportunities nuanced