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Weight loss diet. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream weight loss diet. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

weight loss diet 42
Meaning of the dream: success in business

a diet to lose weight 28
Description: intolerance and nervousness

diet 40
Interpretation of the dream: capacity achievers

vegetarian diet 71
Translation: gumption

keep in diet 32
Dream description: joys by children

detox diet 28
Meaning: breaking sentimental

milk diet 12
Translation of the dream: unnecessary controversy

diet to disease 65
Interpretation: torments unnecessary

stay on a diet 16
Sense of the dream: passive resignation

vegetable diet 64
What does it mean: fortune in friendships

start the diet 90
Meaning of the dream: business acumen

enclosure Weight 26
Description: interesting novelty

reduce weight 71
Interpretation of the dream: impressionability

control weight 34
Translation: hopes dashed

weight load 58
Dream description: excessive shyness

weight 39
Meaning: help from a friend

gram (weight) 60
Translation of the dream: fortune in businesses

hold a weight 66
Interpretation: lucrative job

defraud weight 23
Sense of the dream: irascibility

calculate weight 40
What does it mean: initiatives guess

raise up a weight 6
Meaning of the dream: right insights

sell by weight 40
Description: contrasts to resize

have a weight attached to the ears 47
Interpretation of the dream: frantic life

Healing with Diet 72
Translation: great critical sense

lost weight 1
Dream description: concerns or disputes

lose weight 68
Meaning: sorrow, loss of money or causes

lose weight for the heat 52
Translation of the dream: trip thwarted

lose weight for fatigue 18
Interpretation: important decisions

lose weight for a disease 81
Sense of the dream: high feelings

put on weight 49
What does it mean: immoderate desires, bad success

weight scale 29
Meaning of the dream: obtain justice after allegations deserve

loss 78
Description: uncertainties

support weights 63
Interpretation of the dream: economic problems

big loss 6
Translation: awards in the work

loss horse 1
Dream description: loss of friends

lighten weights 3
Meaning: deserved awards

dried for loss 59
Translation of the dream: exaggeration and nervousness

despair for loss 31
Interpretation: no meeting tomorrow

grieve for a loss 27
Sense of the dream: solution of contrasts

regret for a loss 16
What does it mean: excellent results

loss of a precious 65
Meaning of the dream: very sad period

upset about a loss 34
Description: discovery of a secret

recover from a loss 73
Interpretation of the dream: favorable agreements

loss of a friend or relative 64
Translation: infidelity on the part of the person you love

of age 67
Dream description: prosperity

exchange loss 60
Meaning: tranquility in the family

suffer a loss 81
Translation of the dream: extraordinary strength

dismay at a loss 21
Interpretation: happy optimism

slumped to loss 25
Sense of the dream: desire for independence

Weighing coffee 20
What does it mean: resentment unfair

measures and weights 33
Meaning of the dream: You are a slave of prejudices

regime 24
Description: ability inventive

Milky regime 56
Interpretation of the dream: serene familiar rhythm

saddened by loss 29
Translation: readiness and intuition