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Week puzzles. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream week puzzles. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

week 38
Meaning of the dream: would you be deceived

Holy Week 24
Description: Negotiations advantageous

hot week 19
Interpretation of the dream: abundance and richness

weekend 77
Translation: sentimental joy

weekday 31
Dream description: narrow escape

puzzle (game) 44
Meaning: confusion

Easter holidays 34
Translation of the dream: interesting proposal

solve a puzzle 30
Interpretation: solid friendships

not solve a puzzle 1
Sense of the dream: deal that is successful

puzzle over 41
What does it mean: private life difficult

enigma 75
Meaning of the dream: torments unnecessary

guess a riddle 9
Description: malevolent criticism

indecipherable enigma 90
Interpretation of the dream: torments unnecessary

enigma difficult 53
Translation: mischief and cunning

enigma easy 35
Dream description: wrongs to be repaired

anemone flower 75
Meaning: go traveling

aspirin 77
Translation of the dream: health

adduce reasons 85
Interpretation: hidden enemies

weekly pay 55
Sense of the dream: Decision unthinking

pays biweekly 37
What does it mean: excessive lavishness

weekly fee 56
Meaning of the dream: economic concerns

weekly installment 18
Description: hesitation and doubts

weekly wage 55
Interpretation of the dream: Decision unthinking

biweekly salary 37
Translation: excessive lavishness

weekly magazine 88
Dream description: agitation and disorder

dissolve charades 56
Meaning: ambitious dreams

pay the weekly pay 53
Translation of the dream: successful completion of tests

collect the weekly pay 83
Interpretation: safe pace in business

the pan 88
Sense of the dream: danger looming, idea will be very careful and cautious

translated into Spanish 27
What does it mean: serenity of spirit

honeymoon 64
Meaning of the dream: unexpected protections

Spanish vocabulary 7
Description: initiatives hampered

blow up a mine 4
Interpretation of the dream: things go wrong in every sector

put mine in the ground 89
Translation: want revenge at all costs

defuse landmine 50
Dream description: you managed to avoid the hazard

Spanish flag 37
Meaning: solutions difficult

blasting landmine 1
Translation of the dream: mild pain

Spanish hat 45
Interpretation: great dynamism

enigmatic figure 57
Sense of the dream: disappointing experience

puerperal fever 72
What does it mean: you re just in a lot of trouble

Spanish grammar 16
Meaning of the dream: contentment and prosperity

indivisible 40
Description: dangerous illusions

indivisibility 7
Interpretation of the dream: skillful diplomatic attitudes

weekly list 17
Translation: professional improvement

Monday 7
Dream description: are you tired

holy Monday 5
Meaning: coming to the faith

floating mines 45
Translation of the dream: late news

explain the reasons 61
Interpretation: the misfortune hounding

Spanish tourist 11
Sense of the dream: good company

asbestos suit 40
What does it mean: sweeping changes

Spanish print 82
Meaning of the dream: novelty little happy

enigmatic 54
Description: distrust exaggerated

Spanish fleet 90
Interpretation of the dream: Gain honest

Wednesday 3
Translation: crushes

holy Wednesday 33
Dream description: disharmony in the family

mine that explodes 75
Meaning: imminent death

Spanish 10
Translation of the dream: gossip and slander

Monday in albis 2
Interpretation: you feel very relaxed