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Wear sandals broken. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wear sandals broken. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wear sandals 28
Meaning of the dream: fluctuating situation

white sandals 5
Description: ability to adapt

colored sandals 20
Interpretation of the dream: attraction for the unknown

Sandals men 82
Translation: short pleasure

sandals child 52
Dream description: good intentions

Sandals women 29
Meaning: ties in danger

sandals 81
Translation of the dream: ties in danger

buy sandals 79
Interpretation: altruism and generosity

lose sandals 27
Sense of the dream: sorrows in family

sandals by Brother 49
What does it mean: restless thoughts

Carmelite with sandals 8
Meaning of the dream: self-doubt

wear slippers 81
Description: to suffer humiliation

wear jackets 76
Interpretation of the dream: Danger averted

wear dresses 9
Translation: melancholia

wear a bra 6
Dream description: adaptability

wear pajamas 53
Meaning: you are not able to maintain friendships

wear a cope 70
Translation of the dream: broadmindedness

wear something new 7
Interpretation: joy and profit

wear underwear 90
Sense of the dream: your wealth will increase

wear a mink 14
What does it mean: important relationships

wear boots 28
Meaning of the dream: accepted the advice that will be given

wear the shirt 34
Description: benefit safe

wear earrings 19
Interpretation of the dream: need for a greater commitment

wear a flag 11
Translation: high esteem

wear your hat 16
Dream description: disappointments in love

wear civilian clothes 8
Meaning: peaceful state of mind

wear wool jacket 53
Translation of the dream: security

wear gloves 13
Interpretation: loss of a friend

wear the tunic 77
Sense of the dream: joy in family

wear shoes 5
What does it mean: security in the affections

wear glasses 22
Meaning of the dream: missed opportunity

wear jewelery 60
Description: disease

to wear 59
Interpretation of the dream: gain in home

wear uniforms 35
Translation: profits and awards

see thighs or broken hips 78
Dream description: death abroad

wear the crown 13
Meaning: closed nature

see or wear princesse 78
Translation of the dream: curiosity

wear white 64
Interpretation: ambition fulfilled

trousers broken 30
Sense of the dream: opposition in love

confinement to wear 43
What does it mean: independence

wear the collar 89
Meaning of the dream: good health and serenity

broken toys 51
Description: selfishness and calculation

broken wrappers 20
Interpretation of the dream: argument and discussion

broken gloves 39
Translation: discovery of a secret

wear a uniform 2
Dream description: unwarranted fear

jeans broken 76
Meaning: greed for money

wear the petticoat 9
Translation of the dream: Fortunately rising

broken hips 30
Interpretation: sadness, illness and loss

wear a dress 11
Sense of the dream: good intentions

broken pots 36
What does it mean: loss of friends or girlfriends

wear a tie 67
Meaning of the dream: greatness and honor

wear the cassock 45
Description: hope and confidence

wearing pants 90
Interpretation of the dream: trouble from work

wear waterproof 53
Translation: try not to get involved in unclear situations

scissors broken 17
Dream description: solution of a deal

wear a coat 6
Meaning: realizable unexpected

bayonet broken 7
Translation of the dream: sorrows by employees

inkstand broken 21
Interpretation: indecision