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Watering hole with horses. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream watering hole with horses. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

watering hole with horses 68
Meaning of the dream: interesting journey

watering hole with oxen 54
Description: next aid

watering hole with poultry 81
Interpretation of the dream: deception of friends

watering hole with animals 81

watering hole with women 17

watering hole with pigeons 6

watering hole with birds 33

watering hole with men 56

watering horses 79

hole 40
What does it mean: misfortune, bad luck

little hole 47

dig the hole 74
Description: discomforts passengers

make a hole 4
Interpretation of the dream: you are close to a legacy

fall into a hole 15
Translation: disease

put in the hole 6
Dream description: small problems to solve

dig a hole 55
Meaning: debts to pay

prompter in the hole 83
Translation of the dream: mental laziness

plug a hole 4
Interpretation: emotional arousal

hole dead 45

hole prompter 37

hole shrimp 36

hole of crabs 61

fox hole 39

hole of the court 55

donut with a hole 78

red shrimp take the hole 42
Meaning: wrong operation

watering 14
Translation of the dream: good omen

watering can 88
Interpretation: hope, gain

Watering animals 41
Sense of the dream: concerns

Watering birds 36
What does it mean: falsehood

watering place 88
Meaning of the dream: good omen

watering gardens 77
Description: apprehensions for children

watering a terrace 69
Interpretation of the dream: good friendships

watering a field 66
Translation: good business

watering plants 56
Dream description: sentimental crisis

watering flowers 12
Meaning: prospects for improvements

watering pots 34
Translation of the dream: enthusiasm and joy

watering the garden 84
Interpretation: extra earnings

watering roses 66
Sense of the dream: support from friends

watering tulips 55
What does it mean: prospects for improvement

watering donkeys 3

watering cattle 4

watering mules 90

watering sheep 51

watering yard 77

iron watering can 61

metal watering 8

of plastic watering 75

watering porcelain 4

watering a vegetable garden 90
What does it mean: love of money

horses have 45

domesticate horses 31
Description: vivacity of spirit

grab horses 44
Interpretation of the dream: self-confidence

teach horses 31
Translation: vivacity of spirit

match horses 32
Dream description: need for changes

herd of horses 44
Meaning: increase vitality

carriage with more horses 46
Translation of the dream: correctness constant

farm with horses 14
Interpretation: energy on the rise

circus with horses 16
Sense of the dream: New contracts

pair of horses 70
What does it mean: quick fixes

harnessed horses 23
Meaning of the dream: deal on the right track

white horses 10
Description: joy

horses bizarre 58
Interpretation of the dream: busy business

horses blacks 39
Translation: harassment

red horses 30
Dream description: prosperity

horses of various colors 39
Meaning: fluency in their business

halters for horses 26
Translation of the dream: do a trip

feeding horses 56
Interpretation: novelty favorable

ride horses 82
Sense of the dream: confidence with your loved one

prairie with horses 66
What does it mean: fame and fortune

slaughter horses 77
Meaning of the dream: health disorders

Betting on Horses 56
Description: risky business

scrape horses 53
Interpretation of the dream: news late

stable with horses 5
Translation: hopes and ideals

launch horses 79
Dream description: instinctive nature

stall with horses 25
Meaning: prosperity

curries for horses 49
Translation of the dream: you will be placed on the right path by a stranger

towing with horses 90
Interpretation: vivid imagination

vehicle horses 38
Sense of the dream: achievement of a goal

selling horses 38
What does it mean: practical intelligence

plenty of horses 26

ensnare horses 64

breed horses 4

trainer of horses 72