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watering animals in general

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: watering animals in general

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Watering animals 41

watering hole with animals 81

general 90

meeting of general 48
deserved punishment

lacing of the general 77

cap General 43
fixed ideas that move away

General artillery 26
a visit welcome awaits you, great honor and favor

general cleaning 11
travel plans

general district 12
sudden sympathy

General Strike 45
misadventure travel

retired general 6

general sick 11

general who commands 43

ousted general 86

cavalry general 10

general of police 47

general resigned 8

general hurt 50

general shot 22

General on a mission 73

General review 81

general prisoner 17

general give 6

intelligent in general 43

watering 14
good omen

watering can 88
hope, gain

Watering birds 36

watering place 88
good omen

watering gardens 77
apprehensions for children

watering a terrace 69
good friendships

watering a field 66
good business

watering plants 56
sentimental crisis

watering flowers 12
prospects for improvements

watering pots 34
enthusiasm and joy

watering the garden 84
extra earnings

watering roses 66
support from friends

watering tulips 55
prospects for improvement

watering donkeys 3

watering cattle 4

watering horses 79

watering mules 90

watering sheep 51

watering yard 77

iron watering can 61

metal watering 8

of plastic watering 75

watering porcelain 4

watering hole with oxen 54
next aid

watering hole with horses 68
interesting journey

watering hole with poultry 81
deception of friends

watering a vegetable garden 90
love of money

watering hole with women 17

watering hole with pigeons 6

watering hole with birds 33

watering hole with men 56

hovel with animals 61
application to work

blind animals 74
extra gain

Mating of animals 68

match animals 68

crouch animals 50

buy animals 44
Fortunately some

entrust animals 57
betrayal of relatives

rent animals 39
jealousy declared

animals drowned 22
false friendships

agony of animals 16
opposition in business

incite animals 28
imminent danger

farmyard animals 81
contrasts to overcome

Dead animals 89
precision work

appearance of animals 42
wise resolutions

scuffle between animals 42
patient commitment to fulfill

mouth of animals 89
small change

forest with animals 9
anguish secret

ark with animals 64
novelty good neighbors

talk to the animals 1
good and goodness

animals being chased 2
insults by enemies

see animals grazing 60

trampling of animals 4
affliction secret

campaign with animals 4
favorable opportunities

farm with animals 37
harmful gossip

punish animals 76
favors granted

farmer with animals 71

count animals 48
rapid conquest

contact with animals 19
good relations

mark animals 23
triumph of envious people

horn animals 80
good deals

treat animals 90

teeth of animals 90
good health

defend animals 41
even temperament

painting animals 71
strength and health