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Water in a tin. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream water in a tin. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

tin can 16
Meaning of the dream: supports inconsistent

tin lid 29
Description: good health

sprinkle water 10
Interpretation of the dream: high hopes

tin box 78
Translation: you feel persecuted for no reason

hot water 26
Dream description: unjust slander

drinking water 35
Meaning: little impressionability

water in a vessel Broken 33
Translation of the dream: risk of theft

roar of water 55
Interpretation: obstacles overcome

cloudy water 44
Sense of the dream: Good news

polluted water 72
What does it mean: serenity

Dirty water 90
Meaning of the dream: good news

poisonous water 60
Description: mortification unjust

ice water 44
Interpretation of the dream: discouragement

boil water 7
Translation: harmony with the environment

carry water 38
Dream description: bold initiatives

running water 13
Meaning: requited love

clear water 53
Translation of the dream: misunderstandings at work

bitter water 81
Interpretation: disturbing thoughts

sterilized water 11
Sense of the dream: arrogance and conceit

sulphurous water 45
What does it mean: exhausting tasks to be performed

water bubble 86
Meaning of the dream: inflexible character

filtered water 67
Description: passing enthusiasm

fall into the water 46
Interpretation of the dream: decision

plenty of water 49
Translation: good luck

water 1
Dream description: desire to escape to discontent

water from the ceiling 51
Meaning: bad situations that do not improve

water vein 40
Translation of the dream: cost-effective solution

cascading water 37
Interpretation: distrust in the near

immerse yourself in the water 49
Sense of the dream: instincts to curb

fear of water 33
What does it mean: initiatives to return

salt water 24
Meaning of the dream: exceptional opportunity

brackish water 50
Description: something is not right in the family

foam water 20
Interpretation of the dream: bold action

splashing water 7
Translation: luck in business

healing water 34
Dream description: opposition will walk

smelly water 90
Meaning: loss of rich relatives

seal in water 9
Translation of the dream: short trip

dragonfly above water 80
Interpretation: loving meetings

water white spirit 89
Sense of the dream: concerns falling

distilled water 6
What does it mean: Critical to Avoid

dripping water 28
Meaning of the dream: bright ideas

scented water 70
Description: find difficulties to organize your schedule

fountain full of water 73
Interpretation of the dream: concerns for the future

overflow water 38
Translation: lose good opportunities

codfish in water 13
Dream description: new openings in love

Cross in water 31
Meaning: you have so many fears

abhor the water 64
Translation of the dream: passing suffering

cooked in water 49
Interpretation: love solitude

frog in water 31
Sense of the dream: fluctuating fortune

Wall surrounded by water 78
What does it mean: penalty

water in wine 44
Meaning of the dream: economies needed

water bill 44
Description: concerns

hourglass water 16
Interpretation of the dream: advice to give

swan in the water 89
Translation: welfare and prosperity

crocodile in the water 11
Dream description: dangerous proposals