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Water breaks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream water breaks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

barrel breaks 26
Meaning of the dream: passion accentuated

ace breaks 17
Description: secret desires

ampoule breaks 25
Interpretation of the dream: provocation of friends

dentures that breaks 61
Translation: unusual happenings

carousel breaks 77
Dream description: you are not sure of the person next to you

water vein 40
Meaning: cost-effective solution

cascading water 37
Translation of the dream: distrust in the near

poisonous water 60
Interpretation: mortification unjust

overflow water 38
Sense of the dream: lose good opportunities

Dirty water 90
What does it mean: good news

smelly water 90
Meaning of the dream: loss of rich relatives

sterilized water 11
Description: arrogance and conceit

running water 13
Interpretation of the dream: requited love

carboy water 1
Translation: New Adventures

water from the ceiling 51
Dream description: bad situations that do not improve

transfer water 7
Meaning: happy successful business

winch that breaks 22
Translation of the dream: practical spirit

brackish water 50
Interpretation: something is not right in the family

ice water 44
Sense of the dream: discouragement

clear water 53
What does it mean: misunderstandings at work

carousel that breaks 80
Meaning of the dream: bodes ill

healing water 34
Description: opposition will walk

hot water 26
Interpretation of the dream: unjust slander

sprinkle water 10
Translation: high hopes

roar of water 55
Dream description: obstacles overcome

water white spirit 89
Meaning: concerns falling

dripping water 28
Translation of the dream: bright ideas

hourglass water 16
Interpretation: advice to give

polluted water 72
Sense of the dream: serenity

plenty of water 49
What does it mean: good luck

abhor the water 64
Meaning of the dream: passing suffering

water in wine 44
Description: economies needed

drinking water 35
Interpretation of the dream: little impressionability

filtered water 67
Translation: passing enthusiasm

water seepage 38
Dream description: very intense working period

sulphurous water 45
Meaning: exhausting tasks to be performed

scion of water 71
Translation of the dream: fruitful work life

fall into the water 46
Interpretation: decision

bring water 41
Sense of the dream: deceits

water spider 38
What does it mean: critical moments

still in the water stops 66
Meaning of the dream: diseases avoided

water cave 14
Description: inner insecurity

lack of water 64
Interpretation of the dream: position compromised

pullulation water 68
Translation: slander

Dump water 81
Dream description: experience of suffering

water for flowers 47
Meaning: domestic happiness

rumble water 2
Translation of the dream: unhappiness traveling

still water move 74
Interpretation: danger of accidents

fountain full of water 73
Sense of the dream: concerns for the future

water and treat young plants 87
What does it mean: the success of the children

bright blue water 25
Meaning of the dream: awaits an excellent future

water 1
Description: desire to escape to discontent

salt water 24
Interpretation of the dream: exceptional opportunity