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Watchful invested. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream watchful invested. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

son invested 57
Meaning of the dream: happiness well deserved

cyclist invested 40
Description: Danger averted

see a watchful 81
Interpretation of the dream: novelty from a letter

die invested 3
Translation: sudden change

daughter invested 16
Dream description: fears and concerns

Cycling invested 54
Meaning: interesting novelty

traffic warden 20
Translation of the dream: You are going through a period of cleansing and purification

be watchful 8
Interpretation: tenacity in work

night watchman 36
Sense of the dream: forced activity

vigilant in service 79
What does it mean: unexpected meeting

traffic cop 14
Meaning of the dream: pleasant surprise

see lottery reversed 67
Description: loss and ruin

trucks that invests 35
Interpretation of the dream: You have joy

bicycle which invests 48
Translation: important relationships

motorcyclist who invests 17
Dream description: affective inconstancy

bus that invests 26
Meaning: plenty of money

sleepless nights 37
Translation of the dream: you have so much accumulated stress

fireman 47
Interpretation: sensitive issue to be solved

inverted puddle 23
Sense of the dream: next misery

invest 77
What does it mean: joys sentimental

stop alert 67
Meaning of the dream: big profit

trolleybuses investing 45
Description: disloyalty on the part of a woman

investment 73
Interpretation of the dream: danger of leakage

talk to the policeman 19
Translation: advice to give

sacred vestment 38
Dream description: family harmony

being hit by a cyclone 42
Meaning: News coming soon

priestly vestment 23
Translation of the dream: ambitions thwarted

assaulting a policeman 87
Interpretation: benefits and surprises

being hit by a landslide 37
Sense of the dream: false friendships

fruity investment 76
What does it mean: reveries unnecessary

investment drive 26
Meaning of the dream: income, inheritance

Investment bicycle 17
Description: change of position

Truck investment 80
Interpretation of the dream: serious altercations in family

invest capital 17
Translation: preventions to overcome

Car investing 44
Dream description: facilities and improvements

loosen surveillance 45
Meaning: small physical ailments

store jealously 21
Translation of the dream: original ideas

horse lean and unguarded 66
Interpretation: concubine that you will ruin

to investigate 76
Sense of the dream: cunning enemies

colonial product 56
What does it mean: enemy eliminated

results of investigations 89
Meaning of the dream: request for cooperation

watch over 74
Description: It will benefit and satisfaction from the hard work and good will

look-out 39
Interpretation of the dream: the evil done to you will be discovered, the punishment will be performed, and can neither escape nor hide your enemies

supervise 76
Translation: It will benefit and satisfaction from the hard work and good will

supervising wife 56
Dream description: moments of despair

supervise her husband 77
Meaning: conflicting ideas

ensure girlfriend 80
Translation of the dream: Discussions with friends

supervising boyfriend 74
Interpretation: practical realization

supervising lover 28
Sense of the dream: knowledge ambiguous

monitor suspects 15
What does it mean: success