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Wash plates. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wash plates. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wash plates 42
Meaning of the dream: misunderstandings clarified

Wash spinach 38
Description: position of privilege

round plates 44
Interpretation of the dream: lack of measurement

large plates 24
Translation: fanaticism momentary

wash salad 17
Dream description: dangerous distraction

wash cutlery 1
Meaning: dangerous road

wash bucket 33
Translation of the dream: enthusiastically

wash 66
Interpretation: you are removing some negativity in life and overcome the main obstacles

gramophone plates 53
Sense of the dream: austere life

wash cabbage 34
What does it mean: good health

wash napkin 49
Meaning of the dream: new energy

wash dishes 57
Description: positive energy

gold plates 29
Interpretation of the dream: ambitions fulfilled

soup plates 86
Translation: imprudence dangerous

wash the apron 36
Dream description: new love

wash greens 44
Meaning: practical problem to be solved

wash a dress 42
Translation of the dream: success

wash your shirt 58
Interpretation: crushes

wash the pan 70
Sense of the dream: intimate rebellion

wash the tablecloth 78
What does it mean: strength and health

silver plates 79
Meaning of the dream: Sudden movement

wash the pot 15
Description: intentions absurd

break plates 76
Interpretation of the dream: material well-being

wash my underwear 31
Translation: sudden change of plans

wash rags 71
Dream description: family concerns

wash cloths 16
Meaning: protection and support

wash children 36
Translation of the dream: dynamism and passion

wash bottles 20
Interpretation: unfair competition

wash the bowl 1
Sense of the dream: new interests

wash vegetables 22
What does it mean: physical endurance

wash the brush 20
Meaning of the dream: overcome difficulties

Wash the chicory 25
Description: Good support

full plates 74
Interpretation of the dream: being conquered

washing windows 74
Translation: Danger averted

wash the garment 79
Dream description: ties unstable

brass plates 22
Meaning: ambition and success

wash the threshold 82
Translation of the dream: affection and consideration

china plates 84
Interpretation: quiet life

stack of plates 28
Sense of the dream: gumption

wash your pajamas 53
What does it mean: very complex personality

wash rice 4
Meaning of the dream: funeral in the family

wash linen 71
Description: prosperity and health

wash towel 33
Interpretation of the dream: negative emotions

wash your neck 86
Translation: good health

wash pots 76
Dream description: mixed feelings

wash in a basin 77
Meaning: wrong views

aluminum plates 68
Translation of the dream: emotional arousal

wash cloths at home 34
Interpretation: you do not know your stuff

wash cloths outdoors 29
Sense of the dream: gossip in the air

hand wash 68
What does it mean: happiness in family

washing glasses 25
Meaning of the dream: forebodings fallacious

wash floors 4
Description: little annoyances

wash your ears 17
Interpretation of the dream: beginning of a happy relationship

table dishes 65
Translation: rebellion useless

car wash 63
Dream description: unprepared to a new circumstance

boat washing 25
Meaning: arrogance of employees

Housewife washing 8
Translation of the dream: business ranging in port

wash with fresh water 7
Interpretation: satisfaction and joy

dishes 40
Sense of the dream: bullshitting with modest people procure dislikes

stumble boards 81
What does it mean: dangerous friendships