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Wash many snails. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wash many snails. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

cooked snails 43
Meaning of the dream: sentimental serenity

eat snails 18
Description: new events

snails 11
Interpretation of the dream: little effort does not bring some good results we need to react and fight

wash the apron 36
Translation: new love

wash the pan 70
Dream description: intimate rebellion

wash the tablecloth 78
Meaning: strength and health

wash 66
Translation of the dream: you are removing some negativity in life and overcome the main obstacles

wash the threshold 82
Interpretation: affection and consideration

wash greens 44
Sense of the dream: practical problem to be solved

wash a dress 42
What does it mean: success

wash vegetables 22
Meaning of the dream: physical endurance

wash the pot 15
Description: intentions absurd

wash my underwear 31
Interpretation of the dream: sudden change of plans

wash your shirt 58
Translation: crushes

wash the brush 20
Dream description: overcome difficulties

wash your neck 86
Meaning: good health

Wash the chicory 25
Translation of the dream: Good support

wash your pajamas 53
Interpretation: very complex personality

Wash spinach 38
Sense of the dream: position of privilege

wash the garment 79
What does it mean: ties unstable

wash in a basin 77
Meaning of the dream: wrong views

wash dishes 57
Description: positive energy

have many enemies 2
Interpretation of the dream: you feel persecuted for no reason

wash plates 42
Translation: misunderstandings clarified

wash rice 4
Dream description: funeral in the family

see many wild 45
Meaning: between colleagues do not understand you

Many small dogs 6
Translation of the dream: good friends

many big dogs 8
Interpretation: enemies

see many gadfly 52
Sense of the dream: you re surrounded by enemies

see many mice 44
What does it mean: very difficult

kill many mice 71
Meaning of the dream: You put to rest all your enemies

many millipedes 32
Description: people in life that you would not see more

wash your ears 17
Interpretation of the dream: beginning of a happy relationship

wash with fresh water 7
Translation: satisfaction and joy

have many feet 2
Dream description: good wishes

washing windows 74
Meaning: Danger averted

see many airplanes in the sky 88
Translation of the dream: victory over old quarrels

see many fir 68
Interpretation: success in business

eat many figs 4
Sense of the dream: great joys

see many airplanes 88
What does it mean: victory over discord

see many bats 3
Meaning of the dream: severe loss

see many pigs 35
Description: You do brisk business

see many hazelnuts 55
Interpretation of the dream: you have several concerns

see many giraffes 88
Translation: less arrogance and more humility

see many actors 27
Dream description: success happy and great satisfaction

see many reapers 7
Meaning: prosperity in business

boat washing 25
Translation of the dream: arrogance of employees

see many infants 31
Interpretation: have any financial worries

wash floors 4
Sense of the dream: little annoyances

see many plane trees 34
What does it mean: common sense

wash towel 33
Meaning of the dream: negative emotions

wash cabbage 34
Description: good health