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War with tanks. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream war with tanks. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

war pitched 24
Meaning of the dream: unwelcome surprises

cold War 64
Description: slander

war won 70
Interpretation of the dream: unscrupulous attitudes

war over 31
Translation: relaxation period

armed war 9
Dream description: expect great wealth

blind war 64
Meaning: referrals of decisions

handicapped war 4
Translation of the dream: solution of a deal

win the war 7
Interpretation: good friendships

short war 75
Sense of the dream: serenity of spirit

war at sea 49
What does it mean: hard problems

long war 37
Meaning of the dream: inner conflicts

Cartridge war 75
Description: envy hidden

war warning 30
Interpretation of the dream: birth of a child

war meeting 50
Translation: mishaps at work

return from war 50
Dream description: self-respect and pride

Emperor to war 38
Meaning: resourcefulness excessive

war ram 65
Translation of the dream: easy conquest

war orphan 19
Interpretation: hopes and ideals

fighter in war 59
Sense of the dream: tough business

threatens war 42
What does it mean: life calm and hardworking

die in war 62
Meaning of the dream: victory of intriguing

conquer in war 80
Description: issues to be determined

scale war 13
Interpretation of the dream: secret ambitions

declaration of war 90
Translation: nervous temperament and sensitive

damaged by war 59
Dream description: breaking agreements

do or see war 36
Meaning: persecution

troops in war 82
Translation of the dream: wounded pride

be at war 77
Interpretation: you re anxious, you can not bond with others

war (things military) 88
Sense of the dream: strength and decision in your projects

wage war 75
What does it mean: anxieties

trench warfare 62
Meaning of the dream: some problems you are wearing

War contribution 29
Description: quiet life

weapon of war 44
Interpretation of the dream: restlessness unjustified

Minister of War 69
Translation: foresight

civil war 32
Dream description: your fortune threatened

go to war 12
Meaning: instability of feelings

Lieutenant at war 8
Translation of the dream: Decision unthinking

munitions of war 77
Interpretation: better health care

spoils of war 67
Sense of the dream: much luck in the month

years of war 60
What does it mean: serenity conquered

honors of war 57
Meaning of the dream: shyness to win

to surrender to war 25
Description: good business

back away at war 72
Interpretation of the dream: excellent profits

gunner in war 41
Translation: vicious thoughts

Colonel in war 39
Dream description: momentary discouragement

shield of war 51
Meaning: dissatisfaction and boredom

commemoration of the war dead 2
Translation of the dream: generous efforts

negotiation of war 26
Interpretation: friendship, gain process

admission of war 27
Sense of the dream: concerns

submarine warfare 62
What does it mean: purchase of favors

Alpine at war 53
Meaning of the dream: laziness

proclamation of war 60
Description: strife and discord in the family

council of war 31
Interpretation of the dream: boredom and irritation

cannonball War 90
Translation: Secret Revealed

war film 54
Dream description: will you do with the peace partners