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Walnuts in a sack. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream walnuts in a sack. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

walnuts 24
Meaning of the dream: abundance, profit

fresh walnuts 11
Description: tenacious rancor

dry walnuts 21
Interpretation of the dream: physical endurance

sack 88
Translation: projects, hazy

sack race 89
Dream description: risky business

potato sack 4
Meaning: economic improvement

sack of flour 35
Translation of the dream: shyness

legume in sack 26

haversack 12
Sense of the dream: new initiatives

knapsack empty 9
What does it mean: love of neighbor

walnut canape 46
Meaning of the dream: friends to see

charcoal with sacks on their shoulders 59
Description: unusual happenings

bring sackcloth 13
Interpretation of the dream: success on an opponent

sackcloth leather 16
Translation: inner conflict

sackcloth rope 14
Dream description: discontent and nervousness

sackcloth of penitence 2
Meaning: confusing situation

Cossack disgrace 14
Translation of the dream: altercation

legumes in sacks 26
Interpretation: position recaptured

walnut oil 83
Sense of the dream: unforeseen circumstances

barley in sacks 64
What does it mean: calm character

see walnut tree with fruit 60
Meaning of the dream: difficulties and thoughts

walnut (tree) of coconut 55
Description: healthcare

core walnut 10
Interpretation of the dream: lasting bonds

branch of walnut 68
Translation: realizations surface

rice in sacks 78
Dream description: excellent results

rucksack 18
Meaning: new initiatives

unload sacks 65
Translation of the dream: problems solved

veneered with walnut 73

walnut timber 52

walnut bed 62

city ​​sacked 77

walnut frame 51

walnut fruit 24

planed walnut 3

be sacked fired 4
Dream description: feelings of rejection of others to you