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Walnut split. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream walnut split. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

split marble 1
Meaning of the dream: hidden enemies

split pomegranate 68
Description: serious problems in love

veneered with walnut 73
Interpretation of the dream: reckless speculation

walnut canape 46
Translation: friends to see

planed walnut 3
Dream description: deception

core walnut 10
Meaning: lasting bonds

walnut timber 52
Translation of the dream: requited love

walnut bed 62
Interpretation: danger of leakage

walnut frame 51
Sense of the dream: interesting discovery

walnut fruit 24
What does it mean: chatter and sorrows

trunk split 64
Meaning of the dream: problems to be solved

slot or split 25
Description: joy and delight

walnut oil 83
Interpretation of the dream: unforeseen circumstances

walnut (tree) of coconut 55
Translation: healthcare

branch of walnut 68
Dream description: realizations surface

see walnut tree with fruit 60
Meaning: difficulties and thoughts

nut 32
Translation of the dream: deceptions

split 35
Interpretation: Breaking with something that hinders us

nutmeg 65
Sense of the dream: talk to women

divide spending 24
What does it mean: realizations serene

grate nutmeg 60
Meaning of the dream: unexpected difficulties arise, obstacles, difficult to overcome

split the rock 8
Description: aridity sentimental

line divided 68
Interpretation of the dream: quarrels and disputes

fresh walnuts 11
Translation: tenacious rancor

dry walnuts 21
Dream description: physical endurance

nut broth 54
Meaning: you are tired and fatigued

divided old 75
Translation of the dream: teachings for the future

divide profits 75
Interpretation: acceptable proposals

divided collegial 34
Sense of the dream: joy as a conquest

separate or divide 5
What does it mean: They expect serious troubles

division of property 15
Meaning of the dream: minor glitches

Division of spouses 63
Description: cheating dangerous

nut bone 76
Interpretation of the dream: antagonism and hostility

walnuts 24
Translation: abundance, profit

dividing the profit 44
Dream description: excessive generosity

acorns 9
Meaning: comfort

cut up 27
Translation of the dream: you lost a chance

quadrupling 7
Interpretation: impatience and rebellion

drown 2
Sense of the dream: economic difficulties

shear 10
What does it mean: next trip

accept splitting firewood 88
Meaning of the dream: contrasts

fresh hazelnut 52
Description: requests of relatives

partition brick 75
Interpretation of the dream: advantageous changes

partition falling 59
Translation: hopes dashed

gather acorns 25
Dream description: authentic conviction

burn acorns 85
Meaning: loss of money

wooden partition 17
Translation of the dream: emotional spirit

canton 13
Interpretation: serious thoughts and worries

drown in pit 33
Sense of the dream: new openings in love

bipartite 89
What does it mean: Good news

cut hay 33
Meaning of the dream: wise security

tree nuts 17
Description: contentment for money

toast acorns 11
Interpretation of the dream: lack of objectivity

drown an animal 34
Translation: unforeseen obstacles

build a partition 37
Dream description: ambition fulfilled

sever a tree 80
Meaning: trouble with family

drown a woman 83
Translation of the dream: fake friends

sever a limb 3
Interpretation: devious intentions

drown in lake 5
Sense of the dream: difficult issues to be resolved