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Walls of lace. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream walls of lace. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

whitewashing walls 39
Meaning of the dream: good relationships with young people

painting walls 85
Description: happy intuition

bursar climbing the walls 4
Interpretation of the dream: term relationships

papering walls 45
Translation: sudden decision

fortress walls 48
Dream description: lack of confidence

silk and lace dress 83
Meaning: excellent job prospects

lace silver 88
Translation of the dream: unfounded fears

lace worked 65
Interpretation: exaggerated claims

wool lace 22
Sense of the dream: lucky deal

advertising on the walls 28
What does it mean: lively discussion

retailer of lace 3
Meaning of the dream: welfare

bobbin lace 24
Description: euphoria and enthusiasm

lace hand 85
Interpretation of the dream: strength of character

golden lace 76
Translation: annoyance and loss of money

lace corsage 56
Dream description: you will not have the friendships you yearn

lace silk 42
Meaning: love of power

precious lace 35
Translation of the dream: irritability and impatience

lace beard 65
Interpretation: reasoning overwhelming

make a lace 52
Sense of the dream: spirit of independence

lace 11
What does it mean: reasoning overwhelming

buy a lace 68
Meaning of the dream: love of pleasure

lace in the piece 45
Description: wisdom and prudence

lace cotton 78
Interpretation of the dream: character punctilious

lace cap 13
Translation: sudden showers

adorn themselves with a lace 5
Dream description: practical talents

a walled port 3
Meaning: responsibility to face

neck lace 64
Translation of the dream: serious embarrassment and perplexity

lace dress 18
Interpretation: imprudence

Wall 11
Sense of the dream: unexpected difficulties arise, obstacles, difficult to overcome

walled doors 2
What does it mean: defend yourself and bite the bullet

walled house 37
Meaning of the dream: inner conflict

walled treasure 5
Description: speculation wrong

grape arbor 16
Interpretation of the dream: influential person who marries

height of a wall 66
Translation: morbid friendships

tip of a knife 41
Dream description: facing needless

unlace 20
Meaning: efforts to be made

top of a mountain 90
Translation of the dream: economic benefits

vine of black grapes 6
Interpretation: resourcefulness

colored garter 16
Sense of the dream: misunderstanding with your loved one

Garter stockings 5
What does it mean: dualism embarrassing

elastic garter 20
Meaning of the dream: interesting experiences

tip 38
Description: We will attempt to corrupt

unripe pomegranate 76
Interpretation of the dream: illness or sorrow caused by bad people

unripe watermelon 50
Translation: sacrifices to deal

unlace his shoes 12
Dream description: small malaise

buy a garter belt 49
Meaning: secret desires

ripe fruit 59
Translation of the dream: new perspectives on the horizon

agency rents 46
Interpretation: love of order

unripe fruit 41
Sense of the dream: friendship poorly paid

ripe grapes 6
What does it mean: realizable dreams

wall window 8
Meaning of the dream: lack of practicality

find a garter 3
Description: lucky in love

vine tendril 11
Interpretation of the dream: suffer persecution

defacing a wall 37
Translation: reversal of fortune