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Walking in the mud and water. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream walking in the mud and water. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

walk on water 13
Meaning of the dream: Do not arouse jealousy

march in the mud 4
Description: disease

roll in the mud 16
Interpretation of the dream: painful injustice

mud daub 63
Translation: risk dangerous

sink into the mud 28
Dream description: possibility of going out without danger

crawling in the mud 80
Meaning: receipts of money

wallow in the mud 3
Translation of the dream: difficult times coming

dirty mud 62
Interpretation: health hazard

splashing mud 18
Sense of the dream: difficult journey

mud 28
What does it mean: freedom from envy

soil with mud 52
Meaning of the dream: profit

fall in the mud 46
Description: changes in future

seal in water 9
Interpretation of the dream: short trip

eel in water 50
Translation: enthusiasm for new ideas

float in water 70
Dream description: consolidations in love

codfish in water 13
Meaning: new openings in love

anchovy in water 22
Translation of the dream: some imbalance

cooked in water 49
Interpretation: love solitude

frog in water 31
Sense of the dream: fluctuating fortune

duck in water 10
What does it mean: soon you will have to do with a surreal situation

Cross in water 31
Meaning of the dream: you have so many fears

ark in water 88
Description: luck and travel

rhinoceros in water 23
Interpretation of the dream: satisfaction and luck

swan in the water 89
Translation: welfare and prosperity

goose in the water 53
Dream description: valid help from an elderly person

crocodile in the water 11
Meaning: dangerous proposals

Penguin in water 58
Translation of the dream: achievement of objectives

rinse in clear water 7
Interpretation: new enthusiasm

dead in the water 18
Sense of the dream: dangerous events

walking on glass 1
What does it mean: impulsiveness and nervousness

see a trout in water 34
Meaning of the dream: delight

walking on garbage 29
Description: contrariness

see your face in the water 36
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous enmities

walking on the stones 7
Translation: pain and suffering

walking on all fours 1
Dream description: You would change the course of some events

immerse yourself in the water 49
Meaning: instincts to curb

dolphins out of the water 5
Translation of the dream: bad situations to solve

water 1
Interpretation: desire to escape to discontent

still water move 74
Sense of the dream: danger of accidents

walking reading 29
What does it mean: Be careful in work

walking in muddy roads 59
Meaning of the dream: harassment

bathing in murky water 19
Description: death of cattle

walking on ice 38
Interpretation of the dream: wasted effort

walking on the roofs 41
Translation: You will find the way to success

ice water 44
Dream description: discouragement

clear water 53
Meaning: misunderstandings at work

well with water 35
Translation of the dream: disappointments and reversals of situation

drink of water 26
Interpretation: willpower

walking in the shade 19
Sense of the dream: trouble overcome

cat immersed in water 20
What does it mean: small problems

hot water 26
Meaning of the dream: unjust slander