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Waiver of a wish. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream waiver of a wish. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

satisfy a wish 73
Meaning of the dream: spirit of adventure

throb of desire 20
Description: imaginative character

conceive a desire 68
Interpretation of the dream: lightness in spending

desire to air 55
Translation: Luckily the game

desire for revenge 39
Dream description: hopes dashed

desire to win 2
Meaning: Love for children

desire for money 2
Translation of the dream: satisfaction and joy

desire 3
Interpretation: hopes for the future

desire for jewels 56
Sense of the dream: inner conflicts

desire for coffee 62
What does it mean: tough business

desire for fortune 1
Meaning of the dream: easily surpass all the problems that will arise

honest desire 15
Description: tenacious work

yearning desire 49
Interpretation of the dream: novelties from afar

extricate the desire 55
Translation: you do not want others to see your weaknesses

extreme desire 76
Dream description: actions turbulent

desire for children 60
Meaning: bad sign

desire for women 35
Translation of the dream: sick passenger

desire for love 18
Interpretation: new guidelines

impose resignation 17
Sense of the dream: futile struggle

desire to work 20
What does it mean: They will soon be good news in the business aspect

death wish 28
Meaning of the dream: high aspirations

st. Desiderio 65
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

wish wealth 12
Interpretation of the dream: bad speculations

wish for healing 77
Translation: confidence in the future

dishonest desires 11
Dream description: extravagant excesses

wish a payout 16
Meaning: relationships

wish you a merry Christmas 10
Translation of the dream: serenity in the family

abandonment of husband 13
Interpretation: sadness and anxiety

abandoning the lover 30
Sense of the dream: selfishness

abandonment of swag 3
What does it mean: indecision and reticence

abandoning the newborn 27
Meaning of the dream: not overshadow all that really matters

abandonment of bicycle 13
Description: sadness

wish for the name day 38
Interpretation of the dream: slander

wish good luck 64
Translation: trouble passing

wish good year 39
Dream description: emotional states to control

renounce to a post 26
Meaning: conflicts between emotions and thoughts in love

renounce a charge 63
Translation of the dream: you ll be greatly offended

make a failure 52
Interpretation: earnings and payouts

a printer's shop 87
Sense of the dream: longing of his youth

beak of a vulture 50
What does it mean: application study

receiving a denial 2
Meaning of the dream: bad luck is passing

recollect of a given 69
Description: small malaise

repent of a bond 65
Interpretation of the dream: bad relationships

parapet of a balcony 12
Translation: inconvenience to jealousy

sound of an instrument 4
Dream description: trip to return

meow of a cat 65
Meaning: not to listen to the advice

plate of a trunk 48
Translation of the dream: order and responsibility

scab of a wound 29
Interpretation: stubbornness and pride

a window of alabaster 9
Sense of the dream: love of power

led failure 3
What does it mean: tendency to loneliness