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Waiter offering cheese. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream waiter offering cheese. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

waiter 61
Meaning of the dream: service of dishonest people

hire a waiter 3
Description: contrasts with the children

lay off a waiter 72
Interpretation of the dream: projects, hazy

waiter hotel 40
Translation: happy omen

restaurant waiter 30
Dream description: unfounded fears

unemployed waiter 39
Meaning: desire for independence

liveried waiter 34
Translation of the dream: accuses dangerous

uniform waiter 36
Interpretation: malevolent judgments

waiter of local public 54
Sense of the dream: malignancy verbal

waiter to private home 19
What does it mean: isolation from family

cheese 30
Meaning of the dream: good profit to be achieved with hard work and effort

old cheese 64
Description: conquest of goods

sliced ​​cheese 30
Interpretation of the dream: intrigue and imposture

smoked cheese 82
Translation: loves passengers

cheese crust 31
Dream description: excellent health

croutons with cheese 50
Meaning: of revenge

slice of cheese 15
Translation of the dream: good health

form of cheese 10
Interpretation: good intentions

fresh cheese 20
Sense of the dream: just aspirations

dry cheese 57
What does it mean: non-resistance

grated cheese 6
Meaning of the dream: momentary setbacks

eat cheese 19
Description: health improvement

omelet with cheese 16
Interpretation of the dream: dangerous friendships

ricotta cheese 44
Translation: rivalry secret

sell cheese 79
Dream description: business to reorder

cut cheese 9
Meaning: good ideas

sandwich with cheese 9
Translation of the dream: rivalry in love

cheese starter 53
Interpretation: Dissolution of companies

cheese horse 59
Sense of the dream: weakness fatigue sadness

rotten cheese 49
What does it mean: welfare

tasty cheese 90
Meaning of the dream: deserved awards

cheese bowl 81
Description: need for waivers

sweet cheese 30
Interpretation of the dream: insightful

French cheese 25
Translation: symbol of motherhood

Dutch cheese 32
Dream description: just reward

romano cheese 6
Meaning: gossip of neighbors

salty cheese 29
Translation of the dream: the difficulties are far

mascarpone cheese 24
Interpretation: feeling of incompetence

cheese of viterbo 68
Sense of the dream: sacrifices for relatives

pecorino cheese 11
What does it mean: waste of time

cheese Romagna 7
Meaning of the dream: diseases avoided

Carthusian cheese 67
Description: carelessness in business

Cheese making 39
Interpretation of the dream: particularly bad news about the debts

Sardinian cheese 52
Translation: no one to share your joys

Swiss cheese 60
Dream description: Heavy duty

mozzarella cheese 3
Meaning: pleasant news

basket with cheese 2
Translation of the dream: your spouse you faithful

shepherd the cheese 39
Interpretation: gossip does not collect

weigh cheese 26
Sense of the dream: Good news

cheese pizza 33
What does it mean: you are afraid to lose some habits