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Wait in an airport arrival. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wait in an airport arrival. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wait in an airport arrival 42
Meaning of the dream: safety in the future

airport 12
Description: find difficulties to organize your schedule

see an airport 35
Interpretation of the dream: triumph in the fight

go to the airport 6
Translation: next fortune

go to the airport to leave 66
Dream description: liberation from weights

airport destroyed 54
Meaning: reduced activity

airport layover 10
Translation of the dream: find difficulties to organize your schedule

airport stop 16
Interpretation: enthusiasm and novelty

hostess at the airport 6
Sense of the dream:

Harbor airport 75

airport with planes coming 14
Meaning of the dream: concentration and profits

airport with planes departing 84
Description: good resolutions

wait for 63
Interpretation of the dream: with patience you reach your goal

to wait in the hall 32
Translation: quarrels

wait a man 64
Dream description: Good news

wait a woman 45
Meaning: discrete news

wait for the coincidence 4
Translation of the dream: new favors from a friendship

wait novelty 31
Interpretation: programs to change

wait for the rest 75
Sense of the dream: complex to be overcome

wait for a signal 76
What does it mean: troubling news

lie in wait 21
Meaning of the dream: betrayal and falsehood

wait for the tram 73
Description: aid determinants

wait for verdict 70
Interpretation of the dream: serious problem to be solved

wait in the vestibule 67
Translation: success merits

wait long 89

customers wait 81

wait in the car 69

wait for the evening 76

wait a lover 37

wait a Friend 16

people wait 47

wait a relative 75

wait at a bus stop 24
Interpretation of the dream: inability to fight

arrival 18
Translation: concentration and profits

arrival of newlyweds 19
Dream description: good health

arrival of relatives 82
Meaning: false friends around you

Arrival friends 29
Translation of the dream: unexpected resistance in acting

Arrival boys 12
Interpretation: happy surprise

arrival of goods 41
Sense of the dream: gratitude to a friend

arrival in taxi 17
What does it mean: speeches malignant

unexpected arrival 15
Meaning of the dream: love letter

Expected arrival 19
Description: talk about you

timely arrival 11
Interpretation of the dream: happy outcome of the new initiatives

late arrival 62
Translation: envy around you

whistle arrival 6
Dream description: confidences insincere

signal arrival 48
Meaning: desire for novelty

notice of arrival 81

shortness of arrival 31

arrival at the port 1

arrival to the city 84

arrival of the father 46

arrival mother 65

arrival of brother 5

arrival of rain 62

arrival of police 67

arrival of money 26

arrival of sister 6

arrival of foreign 19

arrival of troops 13

arrival of a plane 8

arrival of a friend 15

arrival of an animal 4

arrival of a baby 10

arrival of an enemy 11

arrival of an army 13

arrival in the company 88

Arriving by train 59
Translation of the dream: welfare

arriving by car 66
Interpretation: joyfulness

Arriving by plane 33
Sense of the dream: novelty good

arrive on foot 29
What does it mean: goodness and fortune

waiter 61
Meaning of the dream: service of dishonest people

hire a waiter 3
Description: contrasts with the children

lay off a waiter 72
Interpretation of the dream: projects, hazy

waiter of local public 54
Translation: malignancy verbal

waiter to private home 19
Dream description: isolation from family

waiter hotel 40
Meaning: happy omen

restaurant waiter 30
Translation of the dream: unfounded fears