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Wait and not get. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wait and not get. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wait for 63
Meaning of the dream: with patience you reach your goal

to wait in the hall 32
Description: quarrels

wait a man 64
Interpretation of the dream: Good news

wait a woman 45
Translation: discrete news

wait for the coincidence 4
Dream description: new favors from a friendship

wait novelty 31
Meaning: programs to change

wait for the rest 75
Translation of the dream: complex to be overcome

wait for a signal 76
Interpretation: troubling news

lie in wait 21
Sense of the dream: betrayal and falsehood

wait for the tram 73
What does it mean: aid determinants

wait for verdict 70
Meaning of the dream: serious problem to be solved

wait in the vestibule 67
Description: success merits

wait long 89
Interpretation of the dream: serious thoughts and worries

customers wait 81
Translation: difficulties of adaptation

wait in the car 69
Dream description: success in business

wait for the evening 76
Meaning: arrogance of employees

wait a lover 37
Translation of the dream: bad intentions

wait a Friend 16
Interpretation: Good news

people wait 47
Sense of the dream: limited economic possibilities

wait a relative 75
What does it mean: mortification

wait in an airport arrival 42
Meaning of the dream: safety in the future

wait at a bus stop 24
Description: inability to fight

to get angry about relatives 82
Interpretation of the dream: disappointments from a friend

get rid of a trouble 86
Translation: fitness

get help 71
Dream description: love carefree

get on a plateau 9
Meaning: unexpected help

get off a plateau 51
Translation of the dream: deceptions secrets

get up 79
Interpretation: earnings

getting out of bed 49
Sense of the dream: bad intentions

get up from the chair 41
What does it mean: discomforts passengers

get up from the armchair 71
Meaning of the dream: surprises with money

get up off the ground 38
Description: inconsistency in work

get up early 4
Interpretation of the dream: inner tranquility

get up late 48
Translation: nostalgia of love

get a ring 65
Dream description: failed attempt at reconciliation

getting bored 51
Meaning: search by activity to improve your position

get an appointment 58
Translation of the dream: happy news

get on the bus 51
Interpretation: hopes for their children

bench vegetables 10
Sense of the dream: poor luck

get up the collar 18
What does it mean: sense of justice

target 58
Meaning of the dream: requited love

pull the target 8
Description: emotions and desires

hit a target 71
Interpretation of the dream: independence and originality

look for a target 12
Translation: experience of suffering