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Wait a visit. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wait a visit. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

visit welcome 43
Meaning of the dream: unexpected gain

surgeon visit 15
Description: serious decisions to make

short visit 6
Interpretation of the dream: Decision to return

unexpected visit 51
Translation: urgent problem to be solved

timely visit 15
Dream description: heartbreak

do a visit 72
Meaning: to avoid impulsive actions

receive a visit 17
Translation of the dream: Ad rather unpleasant

long visit 87
Interpretation: Contrast smoothed

reciprocate a visit 82
Sense of the dream: new interesting projects

Pope visit 54
What does it mean: good organization

visit of condolence 50
Meaning of the dream: happiness blurred

pastoral visit 22
Description: benefit safe

return from a visit 40
Interpretation of the dream: reckless actions

visit academy 35
Translation: obstacles

visit seminar 13
Dream description: changes to be made

say goodbye after a visit 73
Meaning: poor understanding

wait a woman 45
Translation of the dream: discrete news

wait in the car 69
Interpretation: success in business

inconvenienced per visit 6
Sense of the dream: guilt feelings

visit 16
What does it mean: reconciliation with a friend

wait for a signal 76
Meaning of the dream: troubling news

wait novelty 31
Description: programs to change

customers wait 81
Interpretation of the dream: difficulties of adaptation

wait a Friend 16
Translation: Good news

wait a lover 37
Dream description: bad intentions

wait for the tram 73
Meaning: aid determinants

wait in an airport arrival 42
Translation of the dream: safety in the future

wait in the vestibule 67
Interpretation: success merits

wait for the evening 76
Sense of the dream: arrogance of employees

wait for 63
What does it mean: with patience you reach your goal

wait at a bus stop 24
Meaning of the dream: inability to fight

wait for the rest 75
Description: complex to be overcome

wait a relative 75
Interpretation of the dream: mortification

wait for verdict 70
Translation: serious problem to be solved

business card 25
Dream description: adage dangerous

wait a man 64
Meaning: Good news

wait long 89
Translation of the dream: serious thoughts and worries

Doctor visiting a sick 63
Interpretation: fruitful achievements

wait for the coincidence 4
Sense of the dream: new favors from a friendship

visit the clinic 32
What does it mean: Disagreements among family members

visiting friends 65
Meaning of the dream: personal projects feasible

visit a sanatorium 73
Description: glitches and annoyances

people wait 47
Interpretation of the dream: limited economic possibilities

go to visit hospice 77
Translation: do not trust friends

business cards 77
Dream description: useful business relationship

visit a museum 65
Meaning: excellent organization

convalescent visit a man 75
Translation of the dream: prodigality exaggerated

convalescent visit a friend 67
Interpretation: Acute sensitivity

visit sick 64
Sense of the dream: liberation from regret

manhole 12
What does it mean: inner dissatisfaction

Visits to family 15
Meaning of the dream: unnecessary problems

visit a construction site 38
Description: momentary setbacks

waiting for an answer 58
Interpretation of the dream: next hassles