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Wagon train departing. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream wagon train departing. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

wagon departing 81
Meaning of the dream: exciting adventure

train departing 40
Description: minded

track with train departing 75
Interpretation of the dream: nice trip

empty wagon 56
Translation: risky projects

wagon with passengers 35
Dream description: sentimental adventure

railway wagon 61
Meaning: unexpected rescue

derailing a train 89
Translation of the dream: You destroyed the projects your friend

wagon 5
Interpretation: difficulty

abandoned wagon 81
Sense of the dream: Unexpected Journey

load a wagon 89
What does it mean: anxiety and agitation

wagon stopped at the station 45
Meaning of the dream: unnecessary apprehensions

fast train 83
Description: financial prosperity

empty train 37
Interpretation of the dream: relations in danger

wagon with sick 18
Translation: moments of fatigue

wagon with coal 55
Dream description: hopes excellent

wagon with wounded 55
Meaning: narrow escape

wagon with wood 36
Translation of the dream: lack of control

wagon with dead 89
Interpretation: changes conducive

cannon on wagon 41
Sense of the dream: union difficult

crowded train 60
What does it mean: future plans

wagon with animals 79
Meaning of the dream: end up your balance

wagon with marbles 44
Description: false confidences

wagon with bricks 89
Interpretation of the dream: solitude

wagon with furniture 75
Translation: disorderly actions

wagon with bread 45
Dream description: talk to neighbors

tourist train 42
Meaning: pleasant novelty

wagon off track 53
Translation of the dream: confused

corridor train 58
Interpretation: inner resources

sleeping train 39
Sense of the dream: discretion

wagon with flowers 66
What does it mean: peace and serenity in the family

wagon with masks 3
Meaning of the dream: irrepressible cheerfulness

wagon with meat 87
Description: reputation compromised

wagon overturned 63
Interpretation of the dream: bad luck

jumping off the train 50
Translation: inner dissatisfaction

train stop 51
Dream description: Fortunately compromised

see a train 38
Meaning: incoming letters

party train 10
Translation of the dream: action by trade

night train 85
Interpretation: Decision guessed

excursion train 69
Sense of the dream: want made

get off the wagon 66
What does it mean: interests to care

fall from train 4
Meaning of the dream: dangerous pitfalls

tipping wagon 21
Description: original views

Train controller 51
Interpretation of the dream: lack of skills in business

electric train 80
Translation: new sympathies

track without train 62
Dream description: everything will be for the better

carnival wagon 39
Meaning: selfishness and calculation

climb in the wagon 59
Translation of the dream: remarkable statement

constellation of the wagon 90
Interpretation: nostalgia for things past

engage train 79
Sense of the dream: prevention to overcome

be on the wagon locomotive 77
What does it mean: lot of work

fall off the wagon 10
Meaning of the dream: you can not afford a setback especially at work

incoming train 82
Description: important relationships

train stopped 90
Interpretation of the dream: opportunities to be exploited