Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

volume leather

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: volume leather

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29 volume leather
originality of views

40 volume
trouble from relatives

83 bound volume
secure progress

5 volume in canvas
ties secrets

66 volume in parchment
happy marriage

40 leather

33 leather agenda
Rebellion submitted

15 lapel leather
secret feelings

80 leather bag
excessive exuberance

5 leather trousers
news from afar

7 chamois leather
best chance

3 leather briefcase
nervousness and bad mood

80 leather slippers
Unexpected Journey

16 sackcloth leather
inner conflict

9 leather belt
relationships relaxing

68 crocodile leather
discovery of deceit

27 leather armor
inconstancy affections

47 leather trim
self confidence

40 leather gloves
melancholy and discontent

1 leather white
bitter experience

22 red leather
difficult relationships

85 black leather
emotional complications

17 leather keychains

50 leather wallets

33 leather scraps
pride and impulsiveness

61 leather shield
next novelty

33 Printing on leather
amazing adventures

5 leather strings
neglect in work

61 leather strip

57 leather sole

29 heeled leather
curiosity satisfied

68 leather notebook
gratitude and successes

21 leather suitcase
probability Travel

32 patent leather shoes
danger of gossip