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dictionary 3
Meaning of the dream: contrasts with distant relatives

vocabulary old 70
Description: promising business

German vocabulary 13
Interpretation of the dream: confidences to avoid

greek vocabulary 88
Translation: pleasant novelty

Spanish vocabulary 7
Dream description: initiatives hampered

French vocabulary 21
Meaning: ambition fulfilled

English vocabulary 29
Translation of the dream: recovery of energy

Italian vocabulary 12
Interpretation: conclusions expectations

consult your vocabulary 20
Sense of the dream: effort rewarded

give vocabulary 84
What does it mean: encouraging results

vocabulary 23
Meaning of the dream: conclusions expectations

buy a vocabulary 31
Description: Advances in personal projects

Latin vocabulary 58
Interpretation of the dream: wheezing and exaggerated penis

pocket dictionary 46
Translation: pleasant surprises

consult a dictionary 22
Dream description: inventive spirit

new vocabulary 56
Meaning: errors of assessment

rhyming dictionary 40
Translation of the dream: loss

translate with the dictionary 33
Interpretation: hopes

version with the dictionary 33
Sense of the dream: hopes achievable

margin 52
What does it mean: triumph over enemies

military discharge 12
Meaning of the dream: worries and thoughts

buffer stock 82
Description: next meeting

stock oil 28
Interpretation of the dream: financial trouble

margin of stream 31
Translation: you have a lot of positivity

allow additional time 30
Dream description: pleasant adventure

attach 52
Meaning: soon you receive a gift

arm oneself 44
Translation of the dream: not afraid of anything

fish stock 17
Interpretation: waste of energy

stocking old 21
Sense of the dream: slander on our behalf

jurisdiction 16
What does it mean: your sphere of business too limited

sit on the bench 5
Meaning of the dream: need for adaptation

crescent extra 33
Description: the loss of their property

make a prediction for you 13
Interpretation of the dream: normal promise and not keep

claim by judicial process 14
Translation: peaceful solutions

record a word 20
Dream description: environmental obstacles

unconditional surrender 70
Meaning: lack of momentum

stock up 69
Translation of the dream: struggles to deal

stock up on food 10
Interpretation: struggles to deal

stock up on drinks 29
Sense of the dream: opposition in the work

stock up on tobacco 46
What does it mean: contrasts of love

stock up on wine 13
Meaning of the dream: quarrels with women

stock up on bread 58
Description: new projects

stock up on sugar 7
Interpretation of the dream: ailment passenger

aircraft spare 86
Translation: dangerous situation

make a fortune predicting 38
Dream description: issues to be resolved

stock up on ammunition 46
Meaning: you put yourself safe in case of difficulty

civil jurisdiction 16
Translation of the dream: different things displeasing

Conditional sentences with 17
Interpretation: wheezing load and work without profit

conditional 4
Sense of the dream: provocation of neighbors

wrappers 20
What does it mean: good working period

wrapping confetti 26
Meaning of the dream: you do not feel independent

wrapping cigars 27
Description: willingness weak