Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

violets of thought

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: violets of thought

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63 violets of thought
peaceful relations

1 gather in thought
positive increase vitality

8 wander in thought
impossible desires

39 violets
immediate realization

75 fragrant violets
good social relations

8 violets out of season
thwarted love

3 collect violets
feelings paid

48 smell violets

76 buy violets
success unthought

24 give violets
agreement with your loved one

31 adorn yourself with violets
modesty and chastity

61 pick violets
happy marriage

8 violets season
success, successful

5 make bouquets of violets
pride flattered

42 double violets out of season
processes, loss of property and friends

83 say with violence
waste of money

10 ease of thoughts
willingness tenacious

27 violent demonstration
creative spirit

9 immerse yourself in thoughts

4 guess the thoughts of others
misunderstandings with coworkers

82 force or violence
It will be dominated by some

75 open a door with violence
serious risks

84 sweet violet
full success in every engagement

70 react with violence
slander of relatives

70 violent reaction
slander of relatives

26 replicate violently
inspirations guess

18 violent scene
fatality accentuated

62 clash violently
lingering bitterness

61 violently push
dangerous adventures

40 crash into anything with violence
waste of money

35 violence
waste of money

47 suffer violence
initiatives thwarted

59 use violence
repressed feelings