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Violet stockings. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream violet stockings. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

having stockings 70
Meaning of the dream: good wishes

try stockings 29
Description: good omen

do stockings 14
Interpretation of the dream: success in love

fleshcolored stockings 9
Translation: durable successes

patch up stockings 28
Dream description: sadness

mutate stockings 63
Meaning: rest, security

shaped stockings 7
Translation of the dream: Effective Partnerships

silk stockings 40
Interpretation: loss of belongings

fishnet stockings 68
Sense of the dream: incompatibility of character

Garter stockings 5
What does it mean: dualism embarrassing

elastic stockings 16
Meaning of the dream: regret late

thread stockings or cotton 9
Description: Fortunately mediocre

violets 39
Interpretation of the dream: immediate realization

sweet violet 84
Translation: full success in every engagement

woolen stockings 29
Dream description: tough love

smell violets 48
Meaning: delight

collect violets 3
Translation of the dream: feelings paid

fragrant violets 75
Interpretation: good social relations

buy violets 76
Sense of the dream: success unthought

give violets 24
What does it mean: agreement with your loved one

pick violets 61
Meaning of the dream: happy marriage

bunch of violets 77
Description: It is on the right path in life, in the right direction

violets of thought 63
Interpretation of the dream: peaceful relations

violets in the season 8
Translation: success, successful

adorn yourself with violets 31
Dream description: modesty and chastity

make bouquets of violets 5
Meaning: pride flattered

double violets out of season 42
Translation of the dream: processes, loss of property and friends

violets out of season 8
Interpretation: thwarted love

socks or tights 45
Sense of the dream: intimacy protection or practicality

white socks 11
What does it mean: diplomacy with superiors

new socks 1
Meaning of the dream: unworkable ideas

Letters written in purple 48
Description: bad news will arrive within a week

purple flower 80
Interpretation of the dream: you have to be more determined

socks 13
Translation: new possibilities

purple off-season 8
Dream description: love nascent

black stocking 9
Meaning: bad speculations

white stocking 89
Translation of the dream: imprudence dangerous

slip socks 72
Interpretation: It will be granted aid

socks routes 69
Sense of the dream: indifference in love

adjust socks 6
What does it mean: ephemeral joys

darning socks 77
Meaning of the dream: personal affirmation

readjust a stocking 24
Description: casual attitudes

buy socks 11
Interpretation of the dream: requited love

find socks 29
Translation: new possibilities

wool socks 22
Dream description: unrequited love

twist the socks 11
Meaning: trouble with women

match socks 16
Translation of the dream: serenity disturbed

socks with embroidery 33
Interpretation: intuitions wrong

socks with row 54
Sense of the dream: useful information

take off your socks 6
What does it mean: return to good condition

wand for socks 83
Meaning of the dream: confidences to avoid

buy pair of socks 13
Description: loss of a friend