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Violent dumb deaf. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream violent dumb deaf. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

deaf and dumb 11
Meaning of the dream: misunderstandings

be dumb 66
Description: hard times

be struck dumb 6
Interpretation of the dream: a secret you weigh

pretend to be dumb 78
Translation: bickering with your loved one

violent demonstration 27
Dream description: creative spirit

violent reaction 70
Meaning: slander of relatives

violent scene 18
Translation of the dream: fatality accentuated

coachman violent 57

depraved that violent 28

violent theft 7

violent quarrel 80

violent contrast 78

deaf 22
Interpretation of the dream: you feel isolated from the world

be deaf 39
Translation: unpleasant news

mock deaf 86
Dream description: momentary separation

talk to the deaf 57
Meaning: bitter disappointment

make the deaf 31
Translation of the dream: happy solution of difficulty

deaf man 10
Interpretation: secret to keep

pretend to be deaf 87

pity from deaf 18

poor deaf 43

say with violence 83
Description: waste of money

force or violence 82
Interpretation of the dream: It will be dominated by some

open a door with violence 75
Translation: serious risks

sweet violet 84
Dream description: full success in every engagement

react with violence 70
Meaning: slander of relatives

replicate violently 26
Translation of the dream: inspirations guess

dumbfound 30
Interpretation: clear ideas

clash violently 62
Sense of the dream: lingering bitterness

violently push 61
What does it mean: dangerous adventures

crash into anything with violence 40
Meaning of the dream: waste of money

be dumbed down 1
Description: you re on the road to become minister

violets 39
Interpretation of the dream: immediate realization

violets of thought 63
Translation: peaceful relations

fragrant violets 75
Dream description: good social relations

violets out of season 8
Meaning: thwarted love

collect violets 3
Translation of the dream: feelings paid

make bouquets of violets 5
Interpretation: pride flattered

smell violets 48
Sense of the dream: delight

buy violets 76
What does it mean: success unthought

give violets 24
Meaning of the dream: agreement with your loved one

violence 35
Description: waste of money

suffer violence 47
Interpretation of the dream: initiatives thwarted

use violence 59
Translation: repressed feelings

adorn yourself with violets 31
Dream description: modesty and chastity

pick violets 61
Meaning: happy marriage

double violets out of season 42
Translation of the dream: processes, loss of property and friends

violets in the season 8
Interpretation: success, successful

impose by violence 46

bunch of violets 77

ultraviolet 53

arrested for violence 43

deafen 89