Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

violate a tomb

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: violate a tomb

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violate a tomb 8
serious concerns

violate 4

violate an 17
need for caution

violate pact 85
enforceable rights

violate church 28
severe damage and sorrows

be placed in a tomb 69
novelty important

build a tomb 4
loss of friends

place a tomb 37
you regret the past

built tomb 5
marriage birth of a child

visit a tomb 2
sad news

humble tomb 60
Peace and serenity

monumental tomb 89
conquests valid

ancient tomb 64
measures to be taken

marble tomb 29
Action misdirected

empty tomb 65
probability of bequests

tomb with coffins 2
vitality and energy

Tomb devastated 82
obstacles in career

build the tomb 21
loss of loved one

see a broken tomb 43
bad omen

hecatomb 48

tombstone 63
You suffer a loss

read his tombstone 41
issues to be forgotten

carve a tombstone 5
sudden trip

grave with tombstones 58
useful information

tombola 1
reckless appreciations

tombola family 60
possibility of travel

public tombola 84
accommodation business

violating a house 48
conflicts and quarrels

tombs of the convent 44
awaits a family event

inviolability 50

inviolate 31

ancient tombstone 37