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Video to computer. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream video to computer. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

video 14
Meaning of the dream: happy ending in a risky project

video entryphone 46
Description: you will have big surprises

Video Poker 12
Interpretation of the dream: fear of being discovered

video recorder 45
Translation: immediate satisfaction

filming (shooting a video) 77
Dream description: earnings

video call 59
Meaning: lack of affection

video surveillance 57
Translation of the dream: coming dangers

video game 19
Interpretation: energetic period with great satisfaction

video camera 75
Sense of the dream: you need support from someone

videotape 35
What does it mean: negative experience you want to remedy

computer 45
Meaning of the dream: tries to be more expansive

buy a computer 81
Description: if you rise to the occasion

buy or see a computer 50
Interpretation of the dream: exceeded

buy and use a computer 16
Translation: You think that everything has to be at your disposal

computer technology 50
Dream description: period of many concerns

videoconferencing 25
Meaning: you still have a long professional path

to train young people to work 72
Translation of the dream: fruitful achievements

pack of notebooks 32
Interpretation: sincere affection

hosts 64
Sense of the dream: eat, contest

to wander from one place to another 80
What does it mean: search of truth

to adapt 27
Meaning of the dream: inventive spirit

challenge to race 24
Description: inner conflicts

find and get a puppy 56
Interpretation of the dream: you adopt a child

to retire 16
Translation: animosity and courage

scribbling notebooks 12
Dream description: trouble with kinship

to walk alone 24
Meaning: to overcome prejudices

walking along the beach 2
Translation of the dream: tranquility of mind

consenting to hurt 17
Interpretation: inner tranquility

sway to put 62
Sense of the dream: solicitude of relatives

teach to walk 15
What does it mean: false security

applied to the study 82
Meaning of the dream: sorrows

arrested for offense 78
Description: bitter internal conflict

wake up to the sound 7
Interpretation of the dream: complex to be overcome

transgress to an order 81
Translation: challenges to overcome

applied to the work 72
Dream description: new interests

weep for pain 60
Meaning: new projects

buy notebook 19
Translation of the dream: loyalty and bravery

weep for smoke 41
Interpretation: anxiety and uncertainty

forcing to undress 3
Sense of the dream: hasty decisions

gnawing on a bone 41
What does it mean: care

leather notebook 68
Meaning of the dream: gratitude and successes

react to insults 1
Description: poor reflection

ask to smoke 56
Interpretation of the dream: heartbreak

ask for news 35
Translation: earnings

not being able to urinate 25
Dream description: you can not fully express itself in life

Emperor to war 38
Meaning: resourcefulness excessive

consent to a change 57
Translation of the dream: victory over enemies

to win both 40
Interpretation: jewelry

negotiate a purchase 46
Sense of the dream: happy marriage

indulgence to flee 59
What does it mean: sorrow and misery

grill 61
Meaning of the dream: Do you need help