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Veal with mold. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream veal with mold. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

mold 50
Meaning of the dream: thankfulness

appear or mold 17
Description: awaits a trip

see mold 71
Interpretation of the dream: No improvements, no worsening

mold clay 21
Translation: successful efforts

stench of mold 69
Dream description: concerns for children

mold in the house 59
Meaning: problems remain

mold on objects 67
Translation of the dream: It seems to throw away your time

mold on clothes 32
Interpretation: you feel age

mold on bread 13
Sense of the dream: unexpected inheritance

steak with mold 47

excessive mold 89

veal 43
Description: loving relationship with a person who may be too needy and dependent on you

brain veal 6
Interpretation of the dream: desire to change

veal market 40
Translation: new interests

Veal quartered 36
Dream description: intimate concerns

Veal chop 57

veal broth 44

fat veal 64

veal sauce 5

loin of veal 39

Veal thigh 36

slice of veal 77

fried veal 27

veal snout 40

braised veal 66
Dream description: period of sadness

moldy 36
Meaning: businesses difficult

moldy paper 51
Translation of the dream: businesses difficult

moldy fruit 81
Interpretation: presumption punished

moldy cellar 12
Sense of the dream: sentimental conquests

moldy ceiling 38
What does it mean: dangerous illusions

moldy food 7
Meaning of the dream: you fear never come in time

moldy bread or other things 13
Description: inheritance from stranger

reveal 40
Interpretation of the dream: Company countered

reveal a secret 61
Translation: hopes faded

reveal the facts of the other 43
Dream description: friendship renewed

moldy barrel 2