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Van for transport. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream van for transport. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

dealer van 7
Meaning of the dream: inner insecurity

van ambulance 64
Description: sentimental conquests

truck or van 18
Interpretation of the dream: responsibilities and work

company transport 55
Translation: coherence in

airplane transport 65
Dream description: sense of proportion

transport 63
Meaning: your way of thinking may be too outdated and antiquated

transporting plants 74
Translation of the dream: good solutions

transport vehicle 19
Interpretation: hopes realized

ancient means of transport to animal traction 90
Sense of the dream: good future

transport ship 61
What does it mean: desire to accumulate

transport with a boat 14
Meaning of the dream: indecision and insecurity

transport by train 26
Description: Councils concerned

hub for public transport 80
Interpretation of the dream: clarity of ideas

transporting wine 55
Translation: embarrassment of choice

rail transport 7
Dream description: emotional sensitivity

transporting grain 2
Meaning: unsuspected energies

Construction waste transport 81
Translation of the dream: support to be given to an elderly

livestock transport 12
Interpretation: personal prestige

police van 71
Sense of the dream: intuition wrong

container transport 50
What does it mean: hard work

transporting materials 47
Meaning of the dream: lack of objectivity

transport agency 27
Description: failed attempt

transit carriage 64
Interpretation of the dream: novelty from a letter

courier carriage 55
Translation: you can enjoy a great joy

pillow from carriage 50
Dream description: long convalescence

carry goods 50
Meaning: new friends

Ocean freight 19
Translation of the dream: intuitive intelligence

transported to the hospital 62
Interpretation: possibility to exploit

transported to the cemetery 80
Sense of the dream: waivers unnecessary

rim of carriage 2
What does it mean: many contrasts

carriage with women 18
Meaning of the dream: difficult situations are resolved

layette for newborn 58
Description: remember you are pregnant or next pregnancy

master for the sick to death 9
Interpretation of the dream: beautiful but littlebenefiting things

carriage with people 78
Translation: brilliant location

enrich for work 36
Dream description: unclouded happiness

saloon carriage 9
Meaning: joys sentimental

enrich for winning 23
Translation of the dream: love declaration

transported with a wagon 22
Interpretation: states of tension

carry water 38
Sense of the dream: bold initiatives

quack carriage 22
What does it mean: long convalescence

furniture for sale 80
Meaning of the dream: improvement in business

out carriage 48
Description: freedom of decision

sidewalk carriage 65
Interpretation of the dream: rejoicing and happy

papal carriage 57
Translation: sudden discovery

Harlequin carriage 56
Dream description: news from people far away

Scissors for nails 16
Meaning: frequent moves

shelter for old 56
Translation of the dream: encouraging news

road haulage 63
Interpretation: you do not feel involved in a project

canvas for sails 38
Sense of the dream: trip possible

crown for deceased 12
What does it mean: exchange of courtesies

food for infants 25
Meaning of the dream: courage in action

watch for study 17
Description: lively temperament