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Van crazy. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream van crazy. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

police van 71
Meaning of the dream: intuition wrong

van ambulance 64

dealer van 7

go crazy 3
Translation: optimal health

crazy 45
Dream description: desire for a break from the rules of society or the context in which you live

be crazy 14
Meaning: requited love

crazy agitated 9
Translation of the dream: serious quarrels

mutiny of crazy 67
Interpretation: hatred irreducible

scuffle between crazy 45
Sense of the dream: need for diplomacy

pretend to be crazy 88
What does it mean: need for discipline

crazy for fear 40
Meaning of the dream: optimal health

crazy for love 68
Description: change in status

crazy for disease 4
Interpretation of the dream: great sadness

crazy for a loss 25
Translation: new perspectives

crazy suddenly 6
Dream description: restlessness to calm

crazy street 13
Meaning: talk out of envy

crazy in bed 40
Translation of the dream: jangled nerves

crazy screaming 42
Interpretation: exhibitionism counterproductive

crazy laughing 78
Sense of the dream: projects to be postponed

crazy crying 15
What does it mean: welcome gift

crazy singing 26
Meaning of the dream: shyness to win

crazy racing 19
Description: contrasts passengers

crazy furious 60
Interpretation of the dream: rupture of relations

run like crazy 80
Translation: seductive promises

the crazy woman 27
Dream description: birth of a child will gain celebrity

crazy spinster 39
Meaning: next wedding

segregate crazy 81
Translation of the dream: Slow progress

crazy man 88
Interpretation: extravagant ideas

kleptomaniac crazy 90

crazy horse 62

crazy business 78

crazy for consolation 9

crazy for bankruptcy 6

tie crazy 44

Hospital crazy 28

grinder crazy 7

Councilor crazy 42

crazy hunter 66

comrade crazy 45

crazy locked up 67

crazy nephew 5

crazy dancing 81

Crazy tied 66

fall in love with crazy 43

22 - Smorfia classic: crazy 22

grant an advance 17
Meaning: deal failed

advantageous purchase 67
Translation of the dream: passing infatuation

wrangle with servants 29
Interpretation: excessive tolerance of others

advance of money 49
Sense of the dream: bad deal

camping with caravan 21
What does it mean: statements in family

caravan of motorists 15
Meaning of the dream: economic solutions

caravan of tourists 1
Description: important news

caravan of camels 16
Interpretation of the dream: business to be clarified

caravan moving 18
Translation: wasteful projects

caravan stops 80
Dream description: fears and mistrust

caravan in the desert 81
Meaning: circumstances of fortune

caravan dispersed 48
Translation of the dream: challenging business

be part of a caravan 86
Interpretation: sick passenger

vanilla cream 41
Sense of the dream: indecision dangerous

vanquish 5
What does it mean: profitable organization

Decision advantageous 55
Meaning of the dream: misunderstandings clarified

caravan 78
Description: utilities by friends

caravan lost in the desert 56
Interpretation of the dream: meeting helpful

Centenary person very advanced in years 16
Translation: useful meetings

have a government servant 46
Dream description: Good news

honest servant 52
Meaning: enthusiasm and fervor in the activity

pay in advance 50
Translation of the dream: occasional earnings

advantageous price 9
Interpretation: obstacles to be removed

ministerial servants 31
Sense of the dream: many enemies around you

buying craze 4
What does it mean: change the way we live

Advance installment 7
Meaning of the dream: opposition to overcome

St. Pancrazio 29
Description: a special message has been given to you from the spiritual realm

staircase with servants 10
Interpretation of the dream: patiently waiting

disadvantageous exchange 22
Translation: recognition in the work

dismiss the servant 72
Dream description: projects that fade

command the servant 31
Meaning: sorrows and troubles