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Vacation in naples. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream vacation in Naples. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

extraction of naples 86
Meaning of the dream: good wishes

naples bench 76
Description: lost confidence

Cathedral of Naples 29
Interpretation of the dream: physical endurance

Vacation at sea 71
Translation: unfounded suspicions

schoolchildren on vacation 35
Dream description: aid determinants

back from vacation 70
Meaning: novelty in the family

bored on vacation 33
Translation of the dream: male admiration

summer vacation at sea 8
Interpretation: reports to be consolidated

go on vacation 9
Sense of the dream: benevolence of neighbors

to go on holiday 90
What does it mean: benevolence of neighbors

holiday with friends 81
Meaning of the dream: unexpected satisfaction

vacationing alone 74
Description: purchases to be returned

go to napoli 22
Interpretation of the dream: good relations

take vacations 32
Translation: clear days

vacationing in the hills 1
Dream description: embarrassing discussion

vacationing in the mountains 13
Meaning: Invitations welcome and pleasant

holiday 62
Translation of the dream: next exile

napoli in festival 8
Interpretation: easily surpass all the problems that will arise

solemn holiday 3
Sense of the dream: new facts

turn to napoli 55
What does it mean: you are supervised

Easter holidays 34
Meaning of the dream: interesting proposal

Christmas holidays 82
Description: favorable period

holiday period 89
Interpretation of the dream: many obstacles to your project

leaving for the holidays 80
Translation: ambitious desires

holidays in the mountains 55
Dream description: resourcefulness

grant holidays 45
Meaning: caring friends

summer holidays 63
Translation of the dream: request money

holidays 62
Interpretation: happiness in love

Holidays wallpaper 73
Sense of the dream: sad thoughts

soldiers on leave 64
What does it mean: contrasts with young people

military goes on leave 16
Meaning of the dream: good luck

rest in the garden 71
Description: changing situation

rest in an oasis 43
Interpretation of the dream: overcome difficulties

relaxation 59
Translation: need for extreme caution in circumstances apparently easy and pleasant

Neapolitan 59
Dream description: excellent physical condition

take leave 3
Meaning: loyalty to a friend

gala 15
Translation of the dream: Safe Gain

Neapolitan cards 18
Interpretation: malice and slander

Neapolitan dancing 56
Sense of the dream: rough emotional situation

bank Neapolitan 87
What does it mean: impossible desires

Neapolitan song 52
Meaning of the dream: well-founded trust

Neapolitan dialect 10
Description: a relationship that seemed frivolous and passenger, will prove challenging and exciting

Macaroni Neapolitan 6
Interpretation of the dream: malice hidden

Neapolitan sounds 82
Translation: consistency

Neapolitan coffee 88
Dream description: malice and slander

be discharged 7
Meaning: you will fall into a trap

rest on their laurels 26
Translation of the dream: balance

rest on couches 27
Interpretation: long-term commitments

leave the hospital 18
Sense of the dream: slow progress

leave of children 78
What does it mean: rupture of relations

leave of relatives 16
Meaning of the dream: next happiness

Neapolitan Pizza 63
Description: lack of commitment

weekend 77
Interpretation of the dream: sentimental joy

typical Neapolitan dessert 1
Translation: great riches