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Unknown woman happy. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream unknown woman happy. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

unknown island 23
Meaning of the dream: dreams of love

make happy 81
Description: nervous tension

happy birth 87
Interpretation of the dream: pain tolerance

Happy Marriage 17
Translation: good intentions unrealizable

Consequently happy 49
Dream description: Family Welfare

grinder happy 89
Meaning: serious tension

happy Gain 3
Translation of the dream: serious risks

happy for winning 6
Interpretation: uncontrolled shaking

unknown person 59
Sense of the dream: lust for life

happy for love 18
What does it mean: so many people who love you

pretend to be happy 88
Meaning of the dream: misguidance

happy with a win 9
Description: overwhelming logic

be happy 11
Interpretation of the dream: good news soon

protect a person unknown 16
Translation: eventful life

happy outcome 54
Dream description: moodiness and contrasts

happy expression 85
Meaning: accumulation of stress

happy husband 40
Translation of the dream: Fortunately variable

happy person 36
Interpretation: tries to stay close to the people you care about

dead woman 11
Sense of the dream: Crisis in love

amount unknown 76
What does it mean: lost confidence

happy wife 45
Meaning of the dream: renewed determination and greater safety

unknown poverty 28
Description: many friendships

good woman 82
Interpretation of the dream: vanity

ugly woman 50
Translation: uncertain situation

woman 21
Dream description: nature and love

married woman 63
Meaning: thwarted love

religious woman 76
Translation of the dream: inner resources

He is bound by unknown person 48
Interpretation: annoyance and loss of money

blame a person unknown to you 14
Sense of the dream: you will be betrayed by someone you know

happy little family 90
What does it mean: Find it difficult unnecessarily

woman football 5
Meaning of the dream: excessive egocentricity

help a woman 40
Description: melancholy

want a woman 4
Interpretation of the dream: deceptive flattery

beautify a woman 54
Translation: desire for power

drown a woman 83
Dream description: fake friends

embrace a woman 40
Meaning: injustice

dishonor a woman 6
Translation of the dream: adventures difficult

threaten a woman 38
Interpretation: sick passenger

blackmail a woman 70
Sense of the dream: Economic instability

stabbed by woman 21
What does it mean: economic difficulties

happy with the work 84
Meaning of the dream: disruptions in family

woman in a carriage 24
Description: extravagant ideas

woman in car 55
Interpretation of the dream: precipitous actions

burn a woman 18
Translation: loss of security

push a woman 80
Dream description: uncertainties and doubts

delegate a woman 18
Meaning: sorrow and depression

a woman excommunicated 82
Translation of the dream: grudges to overcome

seduce a woman 12
Interpretation: hidden desires

poison a woman 8
Sense of the dream: victory over difficulties

young woman 45
What does it mean: reckless actions

drowning of a woman 36
Meaning of the dream: We're anxiously waiting for some event

follow a woman 56
Description: excessive claims

woman's front 16
Interpretation of the dream: great cunning