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Union traders. Meaning of dream and numbers

The meaning of the dream union traders. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Union 33
Meaning of the dream: affront to receive

International Union 57
Description: challenging journey

marital union 80
Interpretation of the dream: return of a loved one

fraternal union 52
Translation: big responsibility

thwart union 38
Dream description: spirit of sacrifice

union federation 55
Meaning: personal projects realized

merchant caravan 24
Translation of the dream: desire for power

conversation between shopkeepers 6
Interpretation: Arrival news

dealer 73
Sense of the dream: projects to be reviewed

tie relations 51
What does it mean: good intentions

football federation 74
Meaning of the dream: realizable illusory

relationship 85
Description: easy job performance

besmirch shopkeepers 38
Interpretation of the dream: Fear of losing your skills

dealer van 7
Translation: inner insecurity

meeting of unions 9
Dream description: good deeds

Relationship of friendship 20
Meaning: intimacy to defend

be a dealer 60
Translation of the dream: financial undertaking in favor

relationship with a man 5
Interpretation: happy hours

start a relationship 87
Sense of the dream: you regret the past

break report 48
What does it mean: unstable relationships

fasten report 66
Meaning of the dream: deceit uncovered

Rescue Association 84
Description: economic benefits

relationship with a woman 77
Interpretation of the dream: proposal to sift

Association of thieves 78
Translation: good business

Association of trades 40
Dream description: novelty good neighbors

association of workers 79
Meaning: momentary separation

extramarital relationship 38
Translation of the dream: you have the feeling that someone will spy

merchant fish 34
Interpretation: gain in business

dealer fruit 63
Sense of the dream: good opportunity to be seized

Merchant of cheeses 89
What does it mean: reputation

Catholic association 64
Meaning of the dream: pleasant novelty

association of writers 11
Description: accuracy in solving the problem

Merchant of jewels 16
Interpretation of the dream: vitality and health

dishonest dealer 81
Translation: work that is slow

Merchant of toys 44
Dream description: ruin next

political association 29
Meaning: blessing on his work

Association of arts 33
Translation of the dream: welfare

dealer walking 13
Interpretation: cheerfulness and good humor

enriched merchant 54
Sense of the dream: you will suffer a loss of money

retailer of newspapers 27
What does it mean: projects to be reviewed

trader failed 7
Meaning of the dream: setbacks and obstacles

merchant convoy 34
Description: Fortunately rising

merchant gallant 6
Interpretation of the dream: luck and care

join a meeting 77
Translation: affront to receive

join an obscene act 5
Dream description: financial losses

Business offers 32
Meaning: accuses dangerous

Commercial Affairs 65
Translation of the dream: dangerous decisions

businessman 8
Interpretation: serene emotional life

commercial agency 9
Sense of the dream: marital disagreements

Etruscan amphora 37
What does it mean: humiliation

business directory 47
Meaning of the dream: ill health

antiques dealer who sells 70
Description: unjustified animosity

antique dealer who cheats 55
Interpretation of the dream: speculations wrong economic

be an antique dealer 45
Translation: successful pleasant

arrival of goods 41
Dream description: gratitude to a friend