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Union lucky. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream union lucky. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

Union 33
Meaning of the dream: affront to receive

thwart union 38
Description: spirit of sacrifice

fraternal union 52
Interpretation of the dream: big responsibility

marital union 80
Translation: return of a loved one

International Union 57
Dream description: challenging journey

union federation 55

lucky chance 46
Translation of the dream: deceptive illusion

opportunity lucky 46
Interpretation: unnecessary quarrels

lucky comedian 39

lucky family 61

lucky moment 1

lucky shopkeeper 55

joy for lucky escape 36
Interpretation of the dream: ingratitude of children

meeting of unions 9
Translation: good deeds

plucking the woodcock 60
Dream description: lack of reflection

Communion in church 35
Meaning: skill and luck

Communion party 14
Translation of the dream: discovery of a secret of others

Communion every day 50
Interpretation: right recognized

Communion 6
Sense of the dream: security in business

Catholic communion 60
What does it mean: pleasant novelty

to take communion 12
Meaning of the dream: favorable opportunities

communion of women 70
Description: unforeseen obstacles

communion of men 80
Interpretation of the dream: agreement and peace in the family

communion of children 68
Translation: friends you can trust

communion of soldiers 57
Dream description: possibility of a trip

communion of sisters 79
Meaning: Failure of a deal

lamb pluck 76
Translation of the dream: serious disappointments

pluck raw 71
Interpretation: limited views

disunion 20
Sense of the dream: you do not know your dealing with similar

eunuch omen of bad luck 89
What does it mean: danger

pluck figs 29
Meaning of the dream: small bumps passengers

plucked chicken 20
Description: rancor and discord

luck on his wheel 1
Interpretation of the dream: proximate danger

planet of luck 31
Translation: Lost Illusions

plucking a chicken 47
Dream description: cockiness

prepare for communion 21
Meaning: artistic sensitivity

mascot (good luck) 77
Translation of the dream: joy

pluck the strings of an instrument 48
Interpretation: illusions

pluck a daisy 18
Sense of the dream: You conquer the friendship of a naive person

reunion 20
What does it mean: unexpected news

pluck 71
Meaning of the dream: lack of reflection

plucking chickens 26
Description: contrasts to overcome

plucking birds 45
Interpretation of the dream: embarrassing moments

plucking geese 54
Translation: pulses to curb

bad luck to the game 14
Dream description: gain, win

veil for communion 13
Meaning: personal success

Easter communion 88
Translation of the dream: excellent earnings

wish good luck 64

Lady Luck 75
Sense of the dream: successes in work