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Unearth steps. Meaning of dream and numbers.

Find out what it means to dream unearth steps. The interpretations and numbers of the Neapolitan cabala.

unearth treasures 47
Meaning of the dream: willingness tenacious

unearth potatoes 38
Description: luck and win in each case

steps grape 71
Interpretation of the dream: constraints unpleasant

unearth ancient things 70
Translation: you are afraid that you do gossip about you

the steps of the altar 79
Dream description: return of money

steps 3
Meaning: Fortunately trips

dig up a dead 14
Translation of the dream: infidelity

dig up a live 50
Interpretation: terrible misfortune

hear footsteps 12
Sense of the dream: you'll be surprised negatively by a person

marble steps 45
What does it mean: hard life

down a flight of steps 35
Meaning of the dream: loss of prestige

theft uncovered 61
Description: threatening disease

flight of steps 60
Interpretation of the dream: delusions of grandeur

chest uncovered 39
Translation: deception discovered with surprise

expose an announcement 35
Dream description: dangerous advice

expose an object 39
Meaning: tyranny of relatives

wooden steps 28
Translation of the dream: embarrassment of choice

expose the stolen goods 86
Interpretation: waste of energy

discover a truth 43
Sense of the dream: sensitivity of mind

breasts uncovered 55
What does it mean: letter from afar

expose announcements 70
Meaning of the dream: infamy

expose a reliquary 84
Description: like surprises

detect fraud 47
Interpretation of the dream: you celebrate with your family

discovery 33
Translation: new phase of personal life

discover 89
Dream description: lack of flexibility

burning at the feet 37
Meaning: new openings in business

busting goods 32
Translation of the dream: deserved success

busting crates 50
Interpretation: decisions guess

discover pleasant 59
Sense of the dream: dreams that fade away

wrong move 66
What does it mean: lasting joy

unsteady step 80
Meaning of the dream: profitable experience

busting machines 80
Description: secret reports

recent discovery 74
Interpretation of the dream: meeting interesting

church step 88
Translation: Company fortunate

discover a hiding 12
Dream description: excessive generosity

disclosed 66
Meaning: interesting proposal

move packages 50
Translation of the dream: you have too many responsibilities

Animal step 3
Interpretation: concerns work

military step 37
Sense of the dream: lack of confidence

man's step 66
What does it mean: inner dissatisfaction

move barbarians 7
Meaning of the dream: satisfaction by a young

discover a treasure 10
Description: willingness tenacious

discover a treason 63
Interpretation of the dream: fair play

altar step 77
Translation: unnecessary problems

discover lie 75
Dream description: lack of flexibility

discover smuggling 32
Meaning: lack of discipline

discover a crime 26
Translation of the dream: vain hopes

discover the lair 66
Interpretation: fight for the job

discover a conspiracy 8
Sense of the dream: well-founded trust

stone step 74
What does it mean: efforts to be made

discover a monument 81
Meaning of the dream: vanity excessive

confide 89
Description: pessimism and laziness

payroll 37
Interpretation of the dream: help from relatives or friends

step on sand 15
Translation: unsafe situation

discover a person 36
Dream description: end of a concern