Dictionary of Dreams - Numbers, meaning and interpretation of dreams

Undergo a test. Meaning of dream and numbers.

The meaning, interpretation and numbers of your dream: undergo a test

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undergo a test 19
Meaning of the dream: doubts and torments

undergo 52
Dream Interpretation: arrival of an inheritance or a child

undergo an ambush 88
Meanings of dreams: big win

undergo anesthesia 25
Dream Interpretations: confusion of ideas

undergo a provocation 3
What does this mean: mental reservations

undergo a mutilation 18
What does it mean: a disease will force you to bed for a long period

undergo an X-ray 11
Meaning of the dream: Good news

undergo a joke 25
Dream Interpretation: moral satisfaction

undergo a clash 46
Meanings of dreams: tightening in love

undergo scam 12
Dream Interpretations: you will be betrayed by a friend

test 30
What does this mean: help from someone close

driving test 7
What does it mean: need for caution

exam test 54
Meaning of the dream: social success

written test 6
Dream Interpretation: test of loyalty

oral test 82
Meanings of dreams: confidentiality and diplomacy

pass a test 32
Dream Interpretations: interesting links

test of courage 36
What does this mean: new ideas

stand up to a test 80
What does it mean: perseverance in action

tailor who test 40
Meaning of the dream: impulsiveness and nervousness

Blood Test 17

undertaker 90
Meaning of the dream: positive family changes

undertaker with a dead 64
Dream Interpretation: confidentiality feelings

undertaker who buries 83
Meanings of dreams: secret betrayed

undertaker resurrecting 20
Dream Interpretations: risk of theft

underwear 21
What does this mean: achievements inaccessible

hatch underground 79
What does it mean: poor health

bill protested 77
Meaning of the dream: unwelcome surprises

undershirt wire 3
Dream Interpretation: jealousies harmful

undershirt in network 72
Meanings of dreams: Fortunately in social life

white undershirt 74
Dream Interpretations: contempt of danger

undershirt clean 38
What does this mean: digression loving

dirty undershirt 37
What does it mean: hard times

undershirt torn 67
Meaning of the dream: position ensured

house under construction 13
Dream Interpretation: hopes that come true

underground cavern 49
Meanings of dreams: Fortunately variable

Protestant church 74
Dream Interpretations: bad news

enter a contest 29
What does this mean: efforts unprofitable

contest 60
What does it mean: pugnacity

contesting a law 2
Meaning of the dream: pugnacity

contest an obligation 61
Dream Interpretation: projects that fail

contest a judgment 16
Meanings of dreams: coincidences favorable

contesting a legacy 15
Dream Interpretations: inconvenience of short duration

mark underwear 65
What does this mean: popularity and consideration

underground corridor 30
What does it mean: that appearances are deceiving

testify against someone 32
Meaning of the dream: anguish of love

plunder 36
Dream Interpretation: waste of money

plunder a debt collector 13
Meanings of dreams: lucky business

plunder a friend 47
Dream Interpretations: sudden illness

held under arrest 74
What does this mean: practical difficulties

detest a man 38
What does it mean: impulsiveness in decisions

detest a woman 53
Meaning of the dream: anguish and nostalgia

detest a friend 80
Dream Interpretation: quarrels in the interest

detest a relative 24
Meanings of dreams: excitability and improvidence

detest a higher 84
Dream Interpretations: collaboration difficult

detest an employee 55
What does this mean: pessimism and mistrust